I've got that 70s flare

When I first found out that the 70s trend was back in full force; I recoiled. I never, ever thought I would love it as much as I have done this year. I have lost count of the number of 70s inspired posts I have done and let me tell you; I don't see myself stopping any time soon! I have a fair few posts in store for you still and I can't stop lusting after everything denim, suede and fringed!

Nothing has surprised me more than the fact I have found myself wearing not only a pair of jeans recently, but a flared pair at that! Now, these jeans aren't the standard 'flare' style but actually... wait for it... a bootcut jean. Now, if you said to me that I'd be rocking a pair of boot cut jeans in 2015, I would have probably laughed at you and then grimaced at the idea BUT look at me now!

These super bootcut jeans are from Simply Be, the only place I've ever managed to find denim to fit/suit me. They kick out at the bottom in a subtle way and they high waisted which I love. I recommend picking your usual size as I tried a size up and they were too big - sure a rarity in plus size jeans!

Styled with a camel coat, plunge neck bodysuit and over size sunglasses;  I've reached optimum 70s realness with this outfit I think!

Photographs by Gemma Bellfield 


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  1. i love the colours in the look! and the lips are gorgeous. very 70s bombshell :)

  2. That coat is pure perfection! I'm warming up to the 70s trend too!

  3. Jaysus woman, could you be any hotter? You ooze fashion! Beaut. xx

  4. You rock this outfit. Really, really like it!

  5. Sorry, but SOMEONE has to ask the real question here: what bra are you wearing? :O

    1. hahaha its a very very old one from M&S that is a tad too small for me! x

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