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I don't know about you, but when I am holiday I just want to feel as cool and comfortable as possible. If it's too hot and I have a million layers on, and I'm wearing synthetic fabrics, such as polyester; I just get SO agitated and uncomfortable and you might as well not talk to me because I'll be in a foul mood and wishing I was sat in a cold, pitch black room on my own!

The thing I have come to realise is that I need to solely wear natural fabrics and simple cuts when I travel. Yes it makes shopping for holiday outfits slightly harder because you are cutting your choices down BUT if you're anything like me; you'll be happy for it when you're out and about and loving life on your holiday.

When it comes to cut and shape; you can't get any simpler than this maxi dress. A bargain dress, a cool print and as far as a maxi goes, it's a great length. I am 5 '3 and it doesn't swamp me so if you're a short babe; this dress should also work for you. It's made of cotton-rich jersey which kept me cool and I wore it for a meal out in the evening but also to the beach so it's really versatile.


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  1. I never gave that dress a second glance on ASOS, but now it's been added to my saved list, cause I just love the way it looks on you! I think I need to go paint my nails white now too!

    1. Yes! White nails on holiday always look good!! I think you should give the dress a go....its amazing! x

  2. Gorgeous ! Your make-up is perfect !


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