New plus size brand | Ellipsus

As you know one of my favourite things about blogging is introducing you lovely lot to new brands. When Ruth from Ellipsus followed me on twitter last year, her account caught my eye as she promised beautiful clothes, made in the UK dedicated to plus size ladies. I was really thrilled when she got in contact a few weeks ago and let me know her site had launched and Ellipsus was in full swing.

I instantly went to have a look at the website and I wasn't disappointed. Firstly, I was greeted with the beautiful face of Felicity Hayward who I think really suits the image of the brand. I love the layout of the website and how the clothes look on Felicity. This first collection is small, but well formed. A selection of tops, bottoms, dresses and jackets. When Ruth asked if I'd like to review a few items I instantly gravitated towards the Helene Marble Print Dress as I'm a big dress fan but I also thought I'd give the Olivia Trouser a go as well (I will blog about these another day)

Although the dress isn't silk, the quality and feel of it is really very nice. I sized up as I thought it might come up small but in fact it actually is a bit big for me. I like my sleeves to be a bit shorter so I've rolled them up in some of the photos but I reckon if I had gone with my normal size it would have been just fine. The marble print is just so perfect. You guys know I'm a big print fan and although I love fun, bright prints - sometimes you want a beautiful, sophisticated jobby and this dress fits the bill perfectly.

I kept my shoes and accessories quite simple with this look and I wore my boohoo+ leather jacket, Topshop chelsea boots, Zara bag and a lovely necklace from the girls at Impulse PR.

Be sure to check Ellipsus out and let me know what you think.

Photography by Gemma Bellfield 

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  1. What a gorgeous dress! You looks stunning Danielle and I adore the photos.

    1. Thank you Sandra - it's such a lovely dress isnt it? xx

  2. That's cute, love the unusual print too. I am totally obsessed with Felicity btw!

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