My Top 12 Lipsticks

A bold lip is one of my favourite things and I don't feel ready to face the day without a slick of colour on my lips.

I often get asked what my favourite brands are and seeing as I wear so many different colours, I thought I would put a post together to show you all.

Click on the lipsticks and you'll be directed to the correct website. (The only ones you cannot do this for are the Diego Dalla Palma 194 on row 2, Kiko Taupe on row 3 and Makeup Revolution Depraved on row 4)

One thing is for sure....I bloody love a selfie ;)

What do you think? What's your fave colour on me and have I tempted you to try out a new shade/brand?
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  1. DV, there's no image :( I want lipsticks, show me lipsticks woman!

  2. Thats so strange! Try again by going to Home and going to the post. It should be there...its visible when I keep trying.... let me know xxx

  3. Brilliant post. You have ace lips (without sounding like a pervert!), my fave on you is the YSL pink one.

    1. haha not pervy coming from you, thank you bub x I love that pink one as well! x

  4. You are seriously the queen of lipsticks! I loveeee them all but my fav is either the top right of grey!
    GEMSIES xxx

  5. can you post what brand/shade the lipsticks are please?

  6. You look great in every shade! Would love to pick up a tube of the topmost right lipstick but the name of it doesn't show up when I'm at the website--it wants me to select a shade while not displaying the item's details. Any help would be very appreciated. :)


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