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Here we are again ladies, another week and another How I'd Style... post. This week the focus is on this striped dress from Forever21+. I bought this dress a few weeks back which prompted one of my readers to also buy the dress. Kara sent me the link to the dress and said:

"The dress I bought after I saw your blog. I haven't been really able to wear dresses for the past 2 years as I gained so much weight and felt too self conscious. I want to stop hiding behind jeans and dress in what I want and look good"

Let me just start off by saying that you can wear dresses at any size and shouldn't be put off by them. I live in dresses as they actually make me feel more feminine then trousers do. This dress is a really good length as it isn't too short but if you have problems getting your legs out, you could wear this with leggings and it would still look great. I've styled it with blue, tan and orange accessories - I love pairing stripes with orange and tan. I could have gone down the nautical (red, white and blue) route but I thought that seemed a little too obvious. I did pay homage to the trend though by using a bag that has rope handles. You can click on every other image and it'll take you to the correct website, except the bag which can be found here.

Slick on some orange lippy and wear with navy nails and you're good to go!

What do you think? How would you have styled this dress?
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