A forgotten gem

This dress is one of those slinky jobbies that slips off the hanger and falls down the back of your wardrobe and you forget about it for a billion years. I spotted it hiding at the back and thought I'd give it an airing for a day out with my bestie, Bobbi.

It's a really old ASOS Curve shirt dress and I've been meaning to alter the sleeves on it ever since I got it but after it went into hiding I forgot about the odd length of them. I still want to get them taken up as I find them a little too long but I bloody love this dress.

My necklace is also an old purchase from H&M but I spotted one in my local store today so you might still find the odd one hanging around. The cream bag, that you can hardly see is from Primark.

Yup, I'm wearing the shoes... again.

Sadly this ASOS Curve Shirt dress is a few years old now

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  1. What a lovely print! Really beautiful.

    1. It's so lovely isnt it! Glad I found it again! x

  2. that necklace seems like the perfect pairing!

  3. so cool! i have the same dress, always unsure of how to style it. i love how such a distinct dress looks so different on you because of what you've paired it with. taking notes. love your blog!


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