3 ways in which I recharge, re-set and relax - in collaboration with La Redoute

City life can be exhausting. Heck, life, in general, can be exhausting. It can be stressful, hectic and the weeks can speed past. Before you know it, you're worn out, feeling frazzled, and the only thing you seem to do is work, commute, sleep, repeat.

Now, that's not how life should be. Life is for living and obviously work is a vital part of existing, BUT it's so important to get a balance, so we don't burn out. As I have gotten older and I've learnt how to pace myself (because of my chronic pain condition), I've mastered the art of taking time out to just 'be'.

Taking time out for yourself is so important. You need time to recharge, reset and relax!

When was the last time you did something for yourself? More importantly, when was the last time you did something for yourself and felt no guilt? If you're a busy Mum or Dad or carer for someone, for example, you might find it hard to take time out for yourself.

If you can - I highly recommend booking in some 'me time' asap! Everyone deserves to check in with themselves, top up their physical and mental strength and look after their well being.

Here are a few things that I like to do when I feel like everything is getting on top of me, and I need some r and r time.

Spending time with my friends

I am fortunate in the fact that I live and work in London. Thankfully, most of my friends also live in this city which makes meeting up with pals, all the easier. I tend to bottle things up, which can then resurface in anxiety and worry. I know that if I meet up with a friend or my group of besties, I can share my fears, they can advise me on how to cope and also they do a bloody good job at distracting me from those worries.

I feel SO blessed with the friends that I have. I've been in London for approx 12 years now, and I've managed to collect the most AMAZING selection of friends. Uni friends, old work friends, blogging friends and even friends who I've met via social media platforms like Instagram.

My most favourite things to do with my friends are, chilling in a beer garden sipping on Aperol Spritz', grabbing brunch in one of London's fab food spots, dancing the night away at a gig or devouring a roast in my local pub.

Spending time with loved ones doesn't mean you need to spend any money. Some of my favourite 'friend time' is when they come over to mine, we snuggle up on my sofa, we order a takeaway, and we watch trash tv. It's the little things. I tend to gravitate towards this type of social time when my Fibromyalgia pain is terrible, my mental health isn't so great, and I don't feel like being out in the "real world".

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Exploring London

One of my most favourite things to do, is exploring London on my own. I can go at my own pace, I can travel how ever I like and I can do what ever I like. Whilst I'm out and about, I like to stop off for food and drink in cute cafes, scout out places to shoot my blog outfits in, sit outside coffee shops and people watch and find undescovered places to add to my 'places I must go' list.

I like to have a go-to list of well loved places but my fave thing is finding a hidden gem and then recommending it to a friend. I love taking someone to a place they've not been to... I feel well smug ahaha!

Summer in this city is just so so amazing. It is hot and hard work when you have to commute every day and work in the city but when you can, taking time out to just lay in a park, have a bbq by a canal or sip drinks on The Southbank makes it all worth while!

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Re- charging with selfcare

My most favourite place is my house. I love being out and about in London, attending events, getting up to mischief with friends BUT I am at my most happy when I am at home, in my lovely little safe place. When I'm at home, I don't need to be "on", I can look like trash, and no one will judge me. I can look after myself, try to contain my chronic pain and totally relax.

Spending time on my own at home, in my garden, in a park...where ever it may be, is SO important to me. Having Fibromyalgia means that I am ALWAYS in pain and for anyone who knows what that's like, it's tiring... really tiring. When I am on my own, I can zone out and focus on myself and re-charge. There's no expectation from anyone, you feel like you don't have to have your 'best face' on and you can take things at your own pace.

My favourite relaxing things to do for self care are binging an entire Netflix series from the comfort of my sofa, reading or listening to music outside, pampering myself either at home or in a local salon.  

You have to remember, it isn't selfish to look after your well being. If you're feeling overwhelmed with life, it's so imperative that you learn to say 'no' once in a while and take time out for yourself. If you carry on pushing and pushing, you'll wear yourself out, and then you'll be no use to anyone!

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  1. Great looks! I have fibromyalgia also and as I was reading your post, I found my thoughts and challenges are so similar to yours. Meds help but won't cure. We continue to push through with the help of understanding and supportive people in our lives.


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