Did you know - Levi's does plus?

I remember seeing some Levi Jeans at a Navabi press day, I was excited to hear/see they were launching plus sizes but then life took over and I didn't think any more of it. Fast forward a few months and picture my delight when I spotted a whole host of Levi's on the Navabi website!

Levi's have extended their sizes (to a size 26 it seems? - I will confirm this) and there aren't just one/two pieces in the range but actually quite a few styles, including jackets and shorts. 

Denim fans rejoice! 

Being the nosey parker I am; I had to try a pair for myself. I picked the Levi's Shaping Plus 310 Super Skinny Jean and here's what I thought...

I am forever trying to find the perfect pair of jeans *aren't we all?* and being a 22/24 on my bottom half; I never know what jean size will fit me. I opted for a 22 and the fit is pretty good to be honest. I would love them to be even tighter than they are, seeing as they are called the "Super Skinny Jean" - some times, I like my jeans to look like they've been spray painted on!! 

The denim in this particular style has a stretch to it and I like that it says that this style would suit 'pear, boyish and hourglass' shapes on the Navabi site - jeans for all body types is a must! My only grumble with this particular pair is the length of them on my 5'3 frame. Since buying them I've noticed they do "normal" and "long" lengths though so I will definitely opt for normal next time!

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Have you tried Levi's Plus? What did you think?

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