The 5 Festive Candles For All Budgets

Every Christmas my dear Mummy (*waves hello*, Mummy I know you're reading this) sends me a candle as a pre-Christmas treat. I always decorate my lounge with a few festive bits and bobs and it wouldn't be the same without a Christmassy candle burning in the background.

I honestly used to severely dislike candles. I thought they were a waste of money and was always secretly disappointed if someone gave one to me as a present. I am now 30 years old and have an entire cupboard in my lounge dedicated to them. Oh how times change!

This year Mum sent me a beautiful Winter Botanical Pilar Candle and I can confirm...it smells delightful! As a self acclaimed candle connoisseur I thought I'd put together a little post of my top 5 festive candles for all budgets. 

1. Winter Botanical Pilar Candle - The White Company, £26.00

A spicy scent with cinnamon, cloves and oranges fills your house instantly. I will forever love the fact The White Company include actual fruit/cinnamon pieces in the outer part of their candles meaning you get a Christmassy household decoration as well as a candle. Only the centre part of the candle burns down meaning you can continue to use the candle shell as a little house for tea lights in the future.

2. Perfect Peace - Neom, £30.00 

This is one of those super calming candles. I still have this one left over from last year as I only need to burn it for a little while before blowing it out. I tend to be really stingy with burning time when I absolutely love a candle. Apparently this candle has been 'blended to help lift your mood, relieving mental fatigue whilst instilling a sense of calm' and I'd have to agree! The glass it comes in is really gorgeous as well, they've sprinkled it with platinum....oooh fancy ey! 

3. Winter Woods - Landon Tyler, £8.00 

In my opinion, this is the best candle if you're on a budget. It's smaller than the others listed here but packs just as much of a punch in the scent department. For only £12 you can buy the bigger version and I think this is still really reasonable. This candle does what it says on the tin label. It smells of spruce and pine and all things woody.

4. Apple, Golden Fruit Candle - Anthropologie, £20.00

Not instantly recognisable as a Christmas candle but still up there with my top 5! These beauties from Anthropologie look soooo good as part of your home decor and the soft, subtle scents are really, really nice. I especially like the Apple candle for this time of year as they've mixed apple, warm spices with honey, vanilla and musk. Once the wax burns away you're left with the outer shell and they look so cute sat together as decorations. 

Don't want to commit to a big one....oooh er, then go for these bargain beauties! A pack of 12 tea lights which you can spread around the house in cute little festive candle holders. These are great as they smell christmassy without being too over the top. I like the fact you can smell black pepper and lemon when they burn.

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