To the moon and back

Right, hands up if you ever wear an outfit that you feel sh*t hot in and then when you see pictures of yourself wearing said outfit; you become disheartened? This was the case when I recently shot this look. I've been wearing this outfit a lot recently and, I love it. Wearing a maxi dress is quite a new thing for me but I have a few in rotation at the moment and I love pairing them with a biker jacket   [ This gorgeous biker is on sale at Elvi for a bargain £40!]

For me, I love when I can get out and about in London to shoot my looks and I think the backdrop plays a key part in the whole feel of the outfit shoot. When my Fibromyalgia is particularly bad and I'm really tired; shooting near my home is my safest bet. Sadly the streets around my house aren't that inspiring and I think this can sometimes reflect in my final shots. I know that you'll all be sat there thinking 'who cares? it's the outfit that I'm interested in!' but I love producing the best imagery I can for my blog and I think that on this occasion I wasn't feeling it; so the outfit doesn't come across as well as it could have.

Anyway, enough of this negative chat! I do still love this look and I managed to pull a few shots I don't mind and have continued to wear it post-photo shoot. I still feel great in it so that's all that matters I guess! The moon and star print is so lovely and I actually wear this maxi dress back to front as I prefer the v-neck and I prefer the slits in the skirt to be at the back as apposed to the front.

Photographs by Catalinababsphotos

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