After staying in on Friday and Saturday due to a Fibro flare up; I was delighted when Bets asked if I wanted to have a luxury lunch at Ducksoup, Soho as a belated Birthday treat. Of course I did! I browsed the menu on the way to meet her and I was salivating at everything from the cocktails to the main courses!

I've never been to Ducksoup before but I love going to places that Bethany picks because she has the best taste and I trust her with my (food) life. This place is teeny tiny and very snug but even though it was busy; it was nice busy. Bets and I could hear each other easily and playing in the background was a record player that you could play their selection of vinyl on - a nice touch don't you think?

My beautiful babe, Bets and inside the exceptionally cosy Ducksoup
We got stuck in and ordered a cocktail each. I went with a Negroni and Bets had a blood orange and mescal cocktail. They were were pretty small, but certainly packed a punch! The slice of dried orange in mine was a welcome addition and the only negative thing I have to say about them is that they weren't big enough!

Now, considering I love the finer things in life, I have never tried oysters before. I think this might be due to the fact I once witnessed my Mum being verrrrry sick thanks to food poisoning from oysters. As I previously mentioned though, I trust Bets and considering they had oysters on their menu for £2 each - how could we resist? I know lots of people like tabasco sauce on them but I dislike hot stuff so we simply enjoyed them with a little fresh lemon squirted on the top... I AM A CONVERT. I absolutely loved it! I could have eaten tonnes of them!

For starters we decided to pick two dishes and share them. We nibbled on beautiful chunks of Finocchiona (salami) and chewed on their wonderful lamb riblets which were mega tasty. They came away from the bone so easily and the yoghurt and sesame seeds were the perfect accompaniment. I'm annoyed that sadly I didn't snap a pic of these two dishes!

For our mains we picked their Mozzarella, salted anchovies and green beans and also the chargrilled Quail which was served with faro, mint and green beans. Both of these dishes were so nice. Although it seems like we ordered a lot for a lunch; the dishes are all relatively light and great to graze on!

After the cocktail was out of the way we moved onto a nice glass of their white wine and it was bloody tasty (that's my professional opinion for you right there).

Our lunch was such a treat and if you are in Soho and fancy browsing a beautiful, eclectic menu and trying some tasty seasonal dishes; I highly recommend you pop in!
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  1. The quail looks delicious! I'm not so sure about the oysters though, oysters look so...slimmy.

    1. They are quite...but they are so so yummy! You have to try them! x


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