Pink-y Promise

You know when you fall in love with a dress online, but it's far too expensive so it sits in your 'saved items' for a thousand years as you wait for it to go down in price? Well this was the case with this pink metallic dress from ASOS. It was love at first sight but I just couldn't justify the price of it; even in the sale it was too much. I was having a browse on eBay just after Christmas and low and behold, I saw this dress for a fraction of a price and bought it straight away. I'm so glad I waited!

After taking these pictures and having looked back at the shots I will definitely be taking the dress in at the waist and also shortening the sleeves. I feel like I want the skirt of the dress to jut out more and that the waist needs to be nipped in it at the sides. Apart from the fit issues - I'm obsessed with the print, fabric, shape and length and will definitely be wearing this to a fancy party... if anyone knows of a posh party and needs a plus one; you know where to find me!

The glittery heels and faux fur clutch have both made appearances here on the blog before; if you know me and my issue with comfortable shoes, you'll know I'm a huge fan of these wide fit heels from New Look. To finish off the outfit I wore my gorgeous vintage clip ons from ASOS Market Place & if you have a thing for vintage jewellery I highly recommend this part of the ASOS site. They have unique pieces and lots of cheapo prices! These were approx £1.50!

Photographs by Gemma Bellfield 

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  1. Ah that dress is gorgeous!! The print and colours are lovely. Your earrings are pretty cool too!

  2. Print is phenomenal ... can you post pictures again once the waist has been altered?

    C xx

    1. Hey! Yes I am sure I will, once I get round to it haha x

  3. Gorgeous. You were so lucky. When I buy something, it's because I'm in love. I'm still haunted by a skirt I saw a few years ago on New Look and didn't buy it waiting for it to go on sale. It went on sale and I didn't notice, I still think about it now and then.

  4. Cute! love the clutch. I think the fit is great but I see what you are saying about taking it in at the waist a little bit. Xo

  5. I love this dress! The print and the colour are phenom. Glad you found it at the price you did! xx


    1. It's lovely isn't it! thanks for your comment x


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