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Bold colours, mix-match prints, lots of accessories... these are a few of my favourite things! Never one to shy away from clashing colours; this might be one of my fave outfits of 2015 so far.

The starting point of this rather in-your-face outfit was the ASOS curve shirt I picked up in the Xmas sales. I originally wanted to style it with something maroon and tried these culottes but I looked hideous in them so I had a look in my wardrobe and pulled out this old Primark skirt. I love the colour combo - you might think it's vile but that's fine, you don't have to wear it ;) As soon as I paired the skirt and shirt I knew I wanted to go with quite a "geeky" look for this outfit and it felt natural to wear it with my glasses. I actually wear my glasses every day but choose to take my blog pics sans glasses but I feel like they really go with this particular look. These *Duo Two Tone frames are from Specspost which is a great online store that deliver to your home - these glasses with lenses are only £26.99 guys! Now, I don't know much about glasses but I know that is super cheap. My bag is a really old vintage one, so old I can't remember where I bought it from and I love how it looks worn and well loved! I accessorised the rest of the look with a *faux fur stole from Missguided and these mega lace up shoes from Topshop. Not gunna lie - they aren't the most comfy shoes in the world. After tottering around in them for an hour or so they really hurt my feet. This makes me sad because I adore lace up, high heel shoes.

Photographs by Gemma Bellfield

What do you reckon? Are you a fan of this look or is it a little too garish for you?
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  1. You're so adorable! I actually really like the colour combo you've got going here, I think it clicks perfectly. I really love those shoes too but I can see how they'd get uncomfortable after a while lol I've definitely got to follow your blog, I really like your style and can't wait to see what else you post c:


  2. I wouldn't wear it on a daily basis but I think you look fabulous in it =)

  3. What a fun and pretty outfit and look! I love it!

  4. this outfit is gorgeous! love the colours xx

    cat // je suis cat

  5. HUGE fan of this look!! Everything about it, the colours, the shoes, the hair and glasses. Damn, I really regret not buying that shirt now! ;)

  6. 'you might think it's vile but that's fine, you don't have to wear it'


  7. Very little is too garish for me! This is an excellent look and I share your love for high-heeled brogues even though I have never been able to wear the bastards. Those culottes you vetoed, on the other hand, aren't so much culottes but some weird pedal-pusher hybrid. Wtf, ASOS?

    1. The more garish, the better I say! We share the same love for all things bright xx

  8. Love EVERYTHING about this look! The colors are fantastic -- that top is to die for! ♥


  9. Wow. What a lovely look. I love the clash of the colors. It really works and you look really good. Again an inspirational outfit for me to think outside the box.


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