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It's always nice to see Spring/Summer ranges trickling into the shops and although my favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring, I do like to see new summery styles and I start dreaming about all the summer holidays I can't afford and all the cocktails I could be drinking during the summer months.

Simply Be still continue to be one of my favourite places to shop even though I have been struggling with their sizing of late. I wouldn't be a realistic customer/blogger if I didn't share all of the good things I think about a brand as well as the more negative things. I find I have to size up once or even twice on everything I buy at the moment which is fine as I am not *overly* concerned about the number on the label but it does bother me when it means other girls who are bigger than me, can't shop there anymore. I am lucky that most things I like on their site/in store fit me even if I size up but the bigger girls don't have much room for manoeuvre as a lot of the more trend lead items available, don't come in the larger sizes. This is such a shame and I really hope that the teething problems in relation to sizing/fit are ironed out a bit more this year.

Negative chat aside, I have my eye on a number of their New In bits & I've put them all together in a wishlist for you. Click on any of the items you like and it'll take you directly to that item on the Simply Be site.

Have you been experiencing any fit/sizing issues with Simply Be or are things all hunky dory for you? Leave me a comment below as it would be great to hear if there are other people out there having issues.
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  1. Fantastic post. Totally agree with all said.... I'm the same, usually a 24, but constantly have to size up with Simply Be, and as I have no store near by means ordering multiple sizes, returning, exchanging etc and I just can't be arsed with it all! !! So right about ladie who are bigger running out of options! So as always, fantastic Miss Vanier! x

  2. It makes me so sad that their really on trend stuff stops at a size 26, this never used to be the case and it almost feels like they've created this 'we don't want your money anymore' exclusivity of us larger fats. I already still have to size up in their items so even if I was on the cusp of a size 26 I very much doubt I'd fit in their size 26 offerings...

    Great to see this written....

    Diamonds n Pearls

  3. Great post Danie. There seems to be a lot of conversation regarding Simplybe sizing. I tend to wear a size 22-24 for most brands with the exception of having to upsize for certain garments to accommodate my bust and behind. With Simplybe and other items from the JD Williams ranges like Fashionworld I have had to upsize to a size 28! They used to be pretty accurate with their sizing. I wonder if they have changed suppliers or something. This does make me wonder how difficult shopping would be for those who are size 26+ trying to buy items that are true to size. Many people have also found it strange that they are introducing so many smaller sizes and limiting what is available for ladies who are bigger. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come and they will improve on their sizes.

  4. I try to see both sides of the argument - because in theory companies know what sells and therefore stock what is needed. But last week I tweeted Simply Be to say they had more items in a size 12 than they do in a size 28 and they said that it was because the size 28s had sold out quicker... so that sort of takes away from their argument of them not stocking larger items. Then you see items like the H&M Tulle Skirt which sold out every time it was put online, because it was like nothing seem in a size 26+ before.

    I feel like if a retailer boasts that they do up to a certain size then they should need to have 95% of items they sell available in those sizes. Simply Be might aswell say they stock "sizes 12-26 and beyond" because that is much more realistic.

    Then of course you have the added fact that a size 26 in many of their items fits like a size 22 in other retailers and its just another spanner in the works.

    Things were getting better and I feel like plus size fashion in general is improving, but for sizes 26+ it is definitely taking steps backwards and places like Simply Be are contributing to this when they're in a position to do so much better! x

  5. Well said Danie. I hope they read all these posts and realise they're alienating their core audience. xx

  6. Their sizing is unremittingly dreadful. More than anything else I find it totally inconsistent. If they hadn't finally opened a shop in London, I wouldn't order anything from them online unless I'd tried it on in person first, because there's at least an 85% chance I'd have to send it back.


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