- Nothing to wear -

My blog title is a total lie. I do in fact own a sh*t load of clothes. My slogan jumper from *New Look Inspire is therefor incredibly ironic. I do struggle with the age old problem of not owning the right item for the right occasion though. Mounds and mounds of clothes, some with their labels still attached, rail after rail buckling under the pressure yet when you come to find that *perfect* dress/top/jacket (delete where appropriate) you can't find it. I can often be heard screaming "I have nothing to wearrrrrrrrr". I am sure 99% of you reading this will be nodding in agreement - we've all been there right?

Since acquiring this jumper, it has helped me get out of this tricky situation on a number of occasions.  Ever since my shoot with Evans (read about it here) where I wore a rather fetching androgynous outfit; I have become obsessed with this look and have recreated it a fair bit. For the shoot I went uber glam with the styling but for a more casual look I have been swapping the heels for my trusty monochrome plimsolls and wearing a looser fitting coat, like this grey/fur coat from River Island. I have previously mentioned my love of River Island outer wear and each time I go into store I hypothetically add about twenty of their coats to my shopping basket. This jacket is a UK18 and as I've mentioned before - they are very generous with their sizing which is good news for me and my rather plentiful bosom. Please give them a go even if you are up to a UK22, you'll be surprised to see how many of their jackets/coats you'll fit into.

I wore these PU stripe leggings on my Evans shoot and I'm so glad I went out and bought a pair as they have definitely been an important part of this androgynous style flex that I am currently on. I bought my correct size and I'd say they are true to size. My white shirt was kindly sent to me from *New Look Inspire a while back. It's not the best material but does the trick when I just want to see the collar poking out the top of a jumper or a dress. Now, the colar tips/chain are from.... hmmm it's either Topshop or ASOS, I can't actually remember! Here are some similar from ASOS.

My white clutch is from *Missguided and as I mentioned in a previous post - is one online store I hadn't ever bought accessories from but now it is one of the first places I look if I am after something. The clutches and statement necklaces are so good right now! The shoes, (you can probably tell me where they're from seeing as I wear them pretty much every day) are from Office if you didn't already know and you can buy similar here. Finally, my grey-ish lipstick is called Taupe from Kiko and my white nail varnish is from *Barry M.

Photographs by Gemma Bellfield 

*denotes a gifted item or PR sample
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  1. Absolutely fantastic outfit ... I love everything about this look!

    C xx

  2. Oooh fab look. Good to know about that coat, I might need that one, it's lovely!

  3. I think this might be my favourite of all your outfits! I'm scouring ASOS frantically to try and replicate the look!
    I've had a lot of trouble finding a decent plus size white shirt, like the one you're wearing here. Where did you find it? You'd think such a classic item would be easy to find, but it's not.


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