Gift guides | For Your Bestie - Male or Female

Christmas is fast approaching and I thought I'd put together a few gift guides to help inspire you. Now, I know you'll probably see a thousand of these over the next few weeks but I thought it would be nice to show you what sort of things I like to buy the people I love and it might help inspire you to make slightly different choices when purchasing that perfect pressie.

First up.... buying for your bestie! Whether that's your female/male BFF, your mum, your brother; your bestie is a seriously important person in your life - I know I couldn't manage without mine. Here's a selection of gifts that have caught my eye (both luxury and budget options)

Simply click on the green boxes and it'll take you straight to the correct website. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Great selection - I can think of a few people worthy of the beard book!

    C x x

  2. I absolutely love the initial mug! Would quite like that one for myself! I need to get my skates on with my Christmas shopping... I haven't started yet. EEEEEEK!!! x


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