Simply Be Jacquard Dress

I've been on the hunt for three outfits that are wedding appropriate and my gosh have I found it tricky. Now, there are plenty of beautiful dresses out there but you know when you have a check list and nothing quite matches up, well this is what I have continuoulsy found. I keep spotting gorgeous dresses online, ordering them and when I try them on... theres always something not quite right about them.

I ordered this jacquard dress from Simply Be as it instantly caught my eye on the site. It's a little more conservative compared to the types of dresses I normally wear but I thought the icey blue colour was really different and I love the fact it looks like a co-ordinating set. I sized up by two sizes and it was the right thing to do. Dresses like this, with no stretch tend to be very clingy on my belly - not something I want when looking at myself in wedding photos! The jacquard fabric is thick and heavy and it looks like a really expensive dress. I stepped into this dress and my Mum zipped me into it, bare this in mind if you are home alone ;)

Now, I LOVE this dress but sadly it is just too short for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable in it at the wedding. It deserves to be worn at a wedding with your legs on show and sadly I am not a massive fan of mine from the knees up. The dress has a slit at the back which also shows off a little too much of the backs of my legs. If this dress was slightly longer... I would have definitely chosen this for one of the three weddings I am attending this summer. If you don't mind having your legs out or you are happy to wear this with tights, this is honestly a beautiful dress worth trying out.


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