A wee roundup of my week.

I seem to be doing an awful lot at the moment (I'm not complaining) but I need to get back into posting regularly as I've definitely been neglecting it. I always find time to get dressed up in nice outfits but now I don't have my Mum living with me (who used to take my outfit pics for me) I'm trying to get into the swing of asking my friends/housemate to take them for me when ever I am out and about with them. I think I need to invest in a tripod and take my own pics... is this something any of you other bloggers do?

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little post to show you all what I've been up to this week. I've had lots to smile about, caught up with lots of friends and done some lovely things so here goes!

On Monday, myself and a few other bloggers went to Westfield shopping centre for a day of trying on clothes in their new Collect+ Lounge, drinking cocktails and eating fabulous food. I will post about this at a later date as it was a brilliant day. But here's a little shot of me and some of the other blogger gals that joined me on the day.

Myself, Lauren, Emma and Elena
The beautiful Elena and I went for a drink before heading back to mine and we enjoyed a night in front of the telly eating frozen yogurt and I played with my new goodies that I treated myself to.

One happy lady with her Lemon Spritz
New Chanel lippy in 'La Favourite' and big flower earrings from River Island
On Tuesday before Elena got the train home we had a nice brekky and then I spent the entire day on the sofa watching Scandal and it was bliss.

It started off being a healthy smoothie but then we added croissants...oops!
On Wednesday I took the plunge and went to the hairdressers to have all (well a lot of) my hair cut off. the lengths had become dry and brittle and it was time for it to go. I went to Jones and Paynes in Shoreditch and my friend Craig did the chop! It is such a lovely little salon, it's won numerous awards and they treat you really well there. I was given cocktails and popcorn and the massage chair you sit in whilst having your hair washed was bliss! You've probably seen my new hair pics alllll over my Instagram and twitter but here is how my hair turned out. I LOVE it. I wasn't sure at first, I kept feeling like my security blanket had been taken away but I've gotten used to it now and I'm so happy with it. It feels so nice and thick and healthy!

In the evening my friend Cat came over for a Chinese takeaway and it was good to see her as I'd not seen her since moving back to London. I wore my new midi skirt from ASOS Curve and an old Primark crop top and I felt super cute. The skirt is really nice and I am contemplating buying the same one but in white.

On Thursday I headed into central London to meet my friend Jess who I used to go to school with and we sat in the sun, caught up, drank ice cold cola and it was a really nice afternoon. It's always good when you can pick up with a friend right where you left off, even if you haven't seen them in ages.

I decided to try ombre lips and used Revlon ColorBurst lip pencil in 'Audacious' in the centre and my bright pink Chanel 'La Diva' on the outsides
After that I headed to Liberty for a REN Skincare masterclass. The night was held up in one of the treatment rooms and we were welcomed into the room with Prosecco, green juices and healthy nibbles. The evening was really nice and informal, full of giggles and very informative. I have recently rejigged my skincare routine and now use a lot of REN products and my skin really does thank me for it! We got to test lots of the products out, watch them being used on a real like human being, you could have a mini facial, a chat with a nutritionist and the goody bags were filled with samples and bits to take home with us. I think I will do a new skincare routine soon as since my last one, I have learnt SO much about how to look after your skin and you can really see a difference in how it looked a few months a go.

I wore an old River Island jacket, breton stripe dress from New Look Inspire, old Topshop bag and old Zara necklace.
On Friday my lovely friend Teeny came over to my house and we made pizzas together and stuffed our faces. I hadn't made pizza bases before but after realising how easy they are to do I think I will be making them again in the future. It was really nice to have a gossip, eat tasty food and slob in front of the telly.

Saturday was a really nice a productive day. In the morning my housemate and I sorted my little garden out. The grass had gotten out of hand and it all needed a little TLC. This wore me out! I need to realise that in my head I am all go, go, go but my Fibro makes me slow, slow, slow. I spent the rest of the day chilling out before my two friends Ray and Jo came over. Ray is a domestic goddess and said she would come over and cook a few things with me to freeze for days when my Fibro is too bad and means I can't be arsed to cook anything. We made Ratatoue, lentil bake, Cauliflower bread, tatziki, salad and turkey burgers. We washed the lentil bake down with Spritz' my new favourite drink! Prosseco and Aperol...what a bloody beautiful concoction. Please try one if you haven't already!

I straightened my hair for the first time since getting it cut on Wednesday and I think I might prefer it more than curly! I also used my grey Kiko lipstick which looked great with my neon coral top that I recently bought from George at Asda and my little name necklace from Topshop.

Well there we go guys, nothing ground breaking happened but I was out and about a lot and had a really nice time so it really lifted my spirits! It's so good to be back in this city.
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  1. Looks so fun! That pizza looks good, and that cages skirt is amazing!

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