My skincare routine

I previously used to only ever use face wash, face wipes and moisturiser as part of my skin care routine. I was blessed with very good skin only experiencing very, very occasional blemishes. That has all changed now sadly and I now have an array of problems with my skin. In an attempt to combat all these problems, I have been seriously reading up on skin care products, testing them out and although I am a long way off getting back to having brilliant skin, I am a lot closer than I was 4/5 months ago.

I am still finding the perfect combination of products for my skin type and have a lot of products I want to try but the ones I wanted to show you today have been having a great effect so far! Not all are 100% right for me and I will explain why; but most are spot on! I am by no means a beauty blogger and I am no expert but I get asked about my skin and makeup on a daily basis so I thought I would write this post to show what I do to my skin in preparation before I trowel on my makeup.

First thing I use in the morning is a face wash. I haven't found the perfect face wash for me yet, but in the mean time I have been using this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. As well as a face wash, I am also on the hunt for a new exfoliator (I want to try something other than the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub which I've used for years) I thought this daily scrub would be perfect to use whilst I track down those two new products. I love the pink grapefruit scent, the colour of it and the micro-beads which help scrub away dry patches of skin and clean out my pores. I always find my makeup goes on so much better after I have given my skin a proper scrub.

The next thing I use is a Simple Cleansing Facial Wipe to make sure there is no makeup left on my neck or around my eyes/behind my ears etc.

After I have used a wipe I then move on to using Clinques Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion. Now, I'm not entirely happy with this product but it has helped clear my skin up and I will use it when my skin is particularly bad and I really want to help dry out an area. The problem I'm having with it is that although my skin can be very oily, this product is drying my skin out a little too much and I am getting dry/flakey patches. This clarifying lotion is meant to help exfoliate dead skin away BUT I think this particular anti blemish solution is too drying for me and I need something a little more suitable for combination skin. You shake this lotion up vigorously as it tends to settle and you use it on a cotton wool pad and sweep it over your face. Be careful not to drag it over your face too roughly or move the pad back and forth lots, you only need to wipe it around your face softly.

I really want to try a clarifying lotion by REN called Clarimatte Clarifying Toner after it was personally recommended to me by my fave beauty blogger Sandra, over at The Black Pearl Blog. It looks to be a great toner and I will have to pick some up when I go and see my friend who happens to work on the REN counter in Liberty's *Waves hello to Scarlet*.

Next up is an A-MAZ-ING product called Super Spot Remover by Origins and I use this on all of my blemishes and break outs. I had read about this on a number of beauty blogs and when I was near an Origins stockist I nabbed myself a bottle. It is £14.00 for this tiny bottle BUT I don't care. In my opinion is is 100% worth it. I use this in the morning and at night and the clear gel sits on the blemish and acts as a little shield. It helps to clear up the spot, dry it out and helps clear up that red, angry appearance they tend to have. Honestly, you put it on a horrid blemish at night and in the morning it is visibly calmer and looks less like a erupting volcano. I love, love, love this product.

After I've applied the spot remover gel, I spray my face with another a-maz-ing product called Serozinc. This is by skin care brand La Roche-Posay and I am in absolute love with this product. I will be re buying this spray as I can tell I will re-use this for a very long time. The zinc sulphate in the solution promises to soothe and cleanse your skin and help reduce irritation and redness. It does exactly what it says on the tin. I can see why so many people, including my Mum, rave about this product. I get really bad irritation underneath my mouth and either side of my nose and since using this, that redness and soreness has dramatically improved. The cooling mist feels lovely and I use this in the morning and in the evening.

After I have used the Serozinc, I move on to the next process which is to apply a thin layer of La Roche-Posays Effaclar Duo+. I haven't had this very long so I'm yet to see a huge difference to my skin but head over to Sandras blog to read her review here. I am really excited to see if this product works for me as I scar really badly after I have a spot, it sticks around for weeks, sometimes months and although my concealer and foundation cover those dark spots up reasonably well, it would be nice if I didn't get them so bad and it also promises to un clog your pores. This can be used as a make up base as well so for those of you who like your makeup to go on nice and smoothly, give this one a go. It's a really nice smooth, cream which has a very pleasant smell to it.

Lastly I use my Lancome Primer called La Base. This is such a silky smooth primer and it is so easy to apply. I find that using it helps my makeup glide on and it also makes my makeup stay put for a lot longer than it would without one! I love this primer but I was recently recommended one by beauty brand Becca which you can buy from Space NK, so that is next on my hit list.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my routine and it's maybe inspired you to take a look at your own routine and the products you use and see whether you're happy with the products you use or if you think it's time for a change.

Can you recommend any amazing cleansing foams/face washes to me and also an exfoliating face scrub I could try? Oh, and a moisturiser as I haven't featured it here, but I don't like my current Simple moisturiser and haven't been using one very much which is very naughty!
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  1. I've just bought a Caudalie exfoliator which so far feels loooovely. I'm also trying Trilogy Rosehip+ facial oil as a moisturiser which is amazing. I was really apprehensive about putting oil on oil but it's been brilliant so far, my skin feels hydrated and has lost it's dry patches plus it's not as oily.
    I would swap the face wipes for a calming toner to get rid of any excess make-up. Face wipes just move dirt around, they don't lift it off. Also, avoid the Clinique stuff like the plague! Stripping oil from oily skin only makes it produce more plus Clinique products are really quite harsh despite everything being hypoallergenic. Trust me mate, I've had a whole three lessons on skincare :D

    1. Thanks for the tips Darling, open to trying anything I can do youve been a great help! Mwah. P.s Happy birthday again. Im trying to say it to you on as many networking platforms as possible haha xx

  2. Thank you for the mention lovely :) I am glad you are enjoying my recommendations.

    If you struggle with blemishes, ask your lovely friend who works at REN about their ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Cleanser. It is a creamy formula and it works wonders on blemish prone skin. I can't live without mine and it always saves me, when my skin is breaking out a lot. If you use that after removing your makeup (can be used in the morning too), it will definitely help your skin a lot. Also, if you use the REN Clarifying Lotion daily, you won't really need a traditional exfoliating face scrub anymore. It has special enzymes to remove dead skin cells and it doesn't irritate the skin or spread bacteria, like old style exfoliators with scratchy particles. I love REN so much! The ClearCalm 3 mask is fantastic too. Make sure to ask your friend about this range.

    PS. I think the Neutrogena scrub could be the reason why you are getting breakouts lovely. Foaming face washes strip the skin of all its moisture and the little exfoliating particles spread bacteria from any existing blemishes. I stick to cream and balm cleansers to prevent this from happening. I have breakout prone skin too.

    If you still feel like you need to exfoliate with something more than the REN Clarifying Lotion, I would recommend the Ginvera Marvel Gel. It is just an exfoliating gel which dissolves all dry skin, without aggravating existing blemishes and spreading bacteria. I swear by it. You can get a little sample from their website for only £2.00 to try it out before buying full size. Here is the link: http://www.janiro.co.uk/products/ginvera-green-tea-marvel-gel-sample-10g

    I also agree with Elena about the Clinique lotion - too harsh. The face wipes used on a regular basis spread the dirt and bacteria and irritate the skin. A cream cleanser would be much better, gentle and soothing. IOh, and the Trilogy Rosehip Oil - it is fantastic and you only need the tiniest drop to moisturise your full face and it works wonders for oily skin.

    Sorry for the essay, haha. I hope this helps lovely :)

    Sandra x

    1. THANK YOU FOR THE ESSAY! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
      Im totally ditching the Clinque, and Neutrogena and trying all the products you've mentioned. I had only just started using the grapefruit face wash so its definitely not that thats causing the spots but you're right in that it might not be helping! Off to look into all the stuff youve mentioned. Thanks so much xx

  3. A post on beauty products and your regime is a lovely interlude and really interesting. I cant recommend Liz Earle, Hot Cloth Cleanser enough. And although it recommends using it with the muslin cloth, I often use it in the shower and it works perfectly, Obviously, all skin is different, but I reading about what other girls similar to my age use.
    I think I might be trying the Origins Super Spot remover, totally worth £14.00 if it works!!
    Becky x

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  5. Thank you for shring your skin care routine, the origins and neutrogena products are really good as I have been personally using some.I use the moisturiser, toner and cleanser after I had the thread face lift treatment which leaves my skin supple and smooth.

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