A day with New Look Inspire

In my previous post just below this one I promised to show you each of my Amsterdam outfits, one after the other. Well, I want to interject with a little post about a recent collaboration I did before carrying on with those OOTDs.

The day after Callie and I landed back in London, we headed to Portobello for a day of shooting with New Look. We teamed up with Inspire, their plus size range and shot individually as well as together. The day was so good, as you can imagine we laughed an awful lot and I tell you what, it is so nice having someone you get on so well with, there to support you. I'm still getting used to being photographed and videoed by brands so although I'm a confident young lady it is still a little nerve wracking being videoed and stared at by a team of people! I'm not complaining though, the New Look team were fab and we all had a right laugh together.

Below are some snaps from the day and the video itself. Be sure to check the Inspire range out here, where you'll be able to spot the items we both modelled and lots more fab pieces. 

What do you reckon guys? It's sooooo odd hearing your own voice. I definitely have a posh video voice going on there! What do you think of the New Look Inspire range?

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  1. As I said on Callie's blog, its nice to see you both in a video :). Such inspiring women ! Im very happy to follow you two for more than a year now :)

    1. Thank you babe. I really appreciate you reading my blog and I know Callie thinks the same xx

  2. This is fab, your voice is lovely, I need your necklace x


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