January Wish List

So, I know we have just had Christmas but being a blogger, means that you are online quite a bit and this means you are subjected to seeing lots of nice things on a regular basis.

I've put together some of the things that have caught my eye this month and if I had more than a pound to my name, i'd definitely buy.

1 - New Look Inspire £14.00
2 - ASOS Curve £20.00
3 - Monki - £20.00
4 - ASOS Curve £45.00
5 - George at Asda - £8.00
6 - Monki - £20.00
7 - Zara - £59.99
8 - G21 at Asda - £10.00
9 - G21 at Asda - £12.00
10 - New Look Inspire - £24.99
11 - G21 at Asda - £14.00 

What do you think to this lot then? Anything you fancy or have you got other items piled up in your online shopping baskets?


  1. wonderful selections! I was already eyeing 2 and 4 from asos but now u've added some more to the wishlist. I love the super duper sweater and the black panel tunic.

  2. I want the skirt (no. 2) as well but not sure I could pull off that length. I saw dress no.4 the other day on Asos and thought immediately of you. It just seems very you.

    1. haha amazing did you? Im so predictable lol! You should defo get that skirt x

  3. i'm loving the black shift dress!:) followed you hun!
    be fab if you could check out my blog too?:)
    www.trustinvogue.com xxx

    1. Thanks for the follow, I will defo check your blog out babe!! XXX


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