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Can we please talk about the abnormally hot weather that the UK has been experiencing for what seems like the last 4,340 days. I went away to Miami last week (wow it's beautiful but humid there?!) and when I came back, I thought the heatwave would have moved on but hell no, London is still a furnace, and the underground is even hotter than the sun.

This heatwave has lead me to wonder why I have ever worn polyester before, why EVERYTHING isn't just made out of natural fabrics and why the central line feels like you're on a non-stop train to the centre of the earth. It is warm here, let me tell you and the only fabrics I can bear to wear at the moment are cotton or linen... silk if I'm feeling fancy.

As a plus size woman, I am sadly not afforded the luxury of being able to wear cotton, silk or linen very often. We are often given synthetic, cheaper options, and if you're anything like me, I'd rather die than wear a synthetic fabric right now. They cling to me, they make me sweaty, and they always end up smelling musty under the armpits...is that just me?!

When I was growing up, I really struggled to know what to wear when it was hot or I had to go abroad on holidays. I do find it a lot easier now that I know I am only comfortable in cotton/linen and there is literally NO point buying other garments as a) I'll never wear them and b) it is a waste of money.

Natural fabrics are your best friend.

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I am absolutely LOVING this LWD at the moment. A LWD is a 'Little White Dress', and everyone should own one. I have been wearing this particular style non-stop since seeing my own Mummy rocking it recently. We are both as obsessed with M&S as each other and we definitely inspire each other's wardrobes!

This LWD is so light, comfy and floaty and I have been wearing it a lot recently with either my tan or black sandals or my trusty white trainers. The dress can be styled up or down, and it's pretty much perfect for any summer occasion... except for your best mates wedding, wearing this white dress might be frowned upon then haha!

Photography by Bethany Elstone

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1. Linen Dress | 2. Sandals | 3. Earrings - out of stock online | 4. Sunglasses | 5. Clutch - out of stock  online 

*This post is written in partnership with M&S as part of an on going collaboration. 

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