Need Fuller Figured Lingerie? Look No Further.

Hands up if you have ever personally felt victimised by the lack of attractive, stylish and dare I say it, sexy lingerie for those of us with big boobs? What about undies?... if you're plus size, you're alright if you like high waisted bottoms but what about those of us who want to flash a bit more flesh?

The variety of fashionable, statement undies for those of us who are fuller figured has in recent years begun to improve but I remember a time when I would squish my 38Gs into a bra that clearly didn't fit; just because there weren't the styles I wanted, available. 

A brand that has taken notable steps in trying to change the world of fuller figured lingerie is, Elomi. Elomi, in my opinion, has mastered the balance between sexy and wearable, very well. They offer great undies for those of us with more than a handful and in amongst the classic "staple" pieces, you can find sexy, bold bra's and knickers that stand out from the rest. Elomi has a great range of back sizes which I think is realllllly important, seeing as there aren't enough brands that cater for this. They also do the smaller back sizes but with bigger cups and I think this is great as we all deserve a set or five of beautiful undies!

This bra is seriously fierce, fiery and fashionable! The print is amazing! It's daring and bright and everything that other brands tend to shy away from. The three-section cup offers forward shaping, uplift and support and that's everything a fuller busted girl needs! As with the Bijou Flirt (all black set), this bra deserves to be seen so have a look in your wardrobe and start to imagine ways of wearing these types of bras on show!

This bra is matte black, with a smooth molded cup perfect for wearing hidden under your clothes or making a statement and wearing with a top/dress so that the amazing strapping detail is visible. I would wear this with a plunging neckline so the straps show, or under a cut out top. When lingerie is this beautiful, it deserves to be seen!

I can't get enough of the thick, yet uber comfortable bra straps, the wide back band and the attention to detail of this bra. I feel really well supported without it feeling frumpy or too restrictive. The set includes matching strappy briefs and I like that even though they are relatively high rise, the strapping makes them feel like they're little more daring. I LIVE in high waisted, full briefs... it's so nice to have a change!

A note about confidence 

Lots of people email me and ask me how I get my confidence. The truth is, you can't just acquire it overnight. You have to learn to love your body or even to simply just not hate, this is equally as important. You can't just swallow a pill and one day wake up and be over the moon with the body you've been given. It takes a lot of self-love, talking kindly to yourself about your body and understanding that none of us are meant to be perfect. It's important to not shame our own bodies as well as others.

I'm not going to lie...

I was rather apprehensive about doing these photos as I haven't been semi-naked online in ages, and posing for a bikini pic on holiday is one thing but getting it alllllll out in your bedroom in front of a photographer is another thing! I sent Jade (my photographer) a text before the shoot stressing that my stray bikini hairs would be visible, that my eczema is really bad at the moment, that my skin between my thighs is all blotchy...it was like I was pre-empting that these were the ONLY things I would notice, looking at the pictures of me. The truth is, I don't notice any of those things when I look at these images. I see a fat, beautiful, individual woman with a cracking set of tits and a soft, round belly that beats any memory foam pillow and that just because I have more fat on my body compared to someone else; it doesn't mean I don't deserve to feel incredible in nice lingerie!

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If you think it's time to update your lingerie drawer, take a peek at Elomi's site and give their undies a try. You can find them online and instore and let me know in the comments below if you've tried this brand and what you think of their underwear!

*This post is sponsored by Wacoal but as ever, all opinions and words are my own. 

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How To Rock A Bare Shoulder this Autumn.

Guys, it's unreasonably hot at the moment, we are coming to the end of October and I just need this warm, muggy weather to come to an end! I'm far too eager to wear roll necks, chunky knits and faux fur coats BUT with the weather; it'll be a while till we reach for those I think. 

With that in mind, it's my chance to still get some wear out of my summer wardrobe and what better way to do it than by styling up an off the shoulder top.

I first got into off-the-shoulder tops at the start of the summer and wore one whilst on a holiday to Greece. It's not a style I would have previously gravitated towards but there's something seriously elegant and sexy about baring a shoulder, who agrees? I feel like the bare shoulder trend (apart from cold shoulder's) is a trend we should carry on into Autumn and here's how...

Pick a long sleeve - this is pretty obvious but a long sleeve top will keep you warm when it starts to get chilly and wearing an off the shoulder top in Autumn; won't feel so weird.

Team with a long skirt - your shoulder might be out but to counter balance the bare shoulder, wear a longline/maxi skirt and under the skirt you can even wear tights if you want to.

Throw on a jacket - In typical blogger style, throw a jacket on over the shoulders (because it's obviously not cool to actually wear a jacket haha)

Earthy colour palettes - summer is all about bright colours, white outfits and vivid lipstick colours. Swap to berry lippy shades, mustards and good old dark, earthy shades like blacks, greys, greens and browns...yum!

1. Top - available in store | 2. Maxi Skirt - similar here | 3. Trainers | 4. Handbag | 5. Biker Jacket - similar here | 6. Earrings - similar here

Photographs by JKGPhotography 
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Why I've decided to have Laser Eye Surgery - with Optical Express.

Some decisions take 5 seconds and some take a very long time to make. You go back and forth, you weigh up the pros and cons, you talk to those who you trust and love. This is exactly what I have done since deciding to have Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express

 - My story - 

I've worn glasses since I was 13 and initially, I thought it sucked. I didn't want to have to wear glasses every day and it was just something else that wasn't "perfect" with my body/appearance. I was slightly less annoyed once I discovered contact lenses though and for about 7 years I was blissfully happy wearing lenses and wearing my glasses on the odd occasion. 

Fast forward to 2009 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the sad news, that along with all the other side effects; dry eyes was one of the ones that would affect me in a big way. Contact lenses started to irritate my eyes, I'd get headaches if I wore them and it didn't matter what brand I tried; none were comfortable. I had to give up contacts for a really long time and this really got to me. 

I don't mind wearing my glasses day-to-day, I've acquired a big selection of frames and they most certainly are another accessory - something you all know I love! I do like wearing different glasses for different occasions and it's true; glasses are an extension of your personality BUT 
 I'm vain and I'm not ashamed to admit that. For events, weddings, special occasions etc I like to have all of my face out, I love showing off my makeup and I don't like having to hide behind a pair of frames. 

- Why I want Laser Eye Surgery - 

along with the major reasons, there are tonnes of smaller reasons why...

  • I want to roll over in the morning, open my eyes and see as soon as my eyelids lift
  • I want to lie on the sofa and watch telly without my glasses obscuring my face and them going wonky because I've layed on them too much
  • I want to go swimming without the need to wear glasses or contacts under a pair of goggles
  • I want to do a full face of makeup and not worry about those annoying little marks that the nose pads leave in my foundation
  • I want to be able to wear cheap sunglasses from any high street store!
  • I want to wear cheap glasses without the fear of sitting on them and having to fork out for new, expensive prescription ones
  • I would like to be able to know that if I get scared in the night, I'll be able to see as soon as I turn a light on and not have to faff with finding my glasses
  • I want to lie on someone's chest and watch tv without the need to wear glasses
  • I would like to be able to wear fake lashes without them sweeping against a pair of lenses!
  • I want to walk in the rain and not have to stop every 5 mins because my lenses need wiping.
  • I want to be able to shoot with my photographer and me to be able to see what instructions shes giving me whilst standing meters away from her
  • I want to hang out with my baby niece and for her not to try and smack my glasses off my face every 5 seconds haha!
  • I want to go about my life and not have to think about whether I've packed my lenses, frames, contact solution etc.
  • I want to save money on not having to fork out on expensive prescription glasses/sunglasses/contacts

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I'm nervous. 

Who wouldn't be? It's not something you just decide to do on a whim. At the end of the day, it's a major procedure and there are of course risks involved. Optical Express have however been exceptionally helpful at every stage of this journey so far and one of the resources I have found to be helpful is their Youtube channel. Take a peek and you'll see patient testimonials, videos on the risks and even live videos of what the surgery looks like. 

- My Optical Express Journey so far - 

I initially met with Optical Express at a blogger event (also available to see on their youtube channel) and after showing my interest and having some scans, I went onto having a consultation at their Westfield White City branch. This consultation is free and you have a number of non-invasive scans. I discussed my reasons for wanting laser eye surgery and it was my chance to ask absolutely anything I wanted about the procedure, the aftercare, the longevity of the sight correction etc! 

Check this video here to see exactly what you can expect from a consultation at Optical Express. 

Once all my tests were done, I was shown a video on what I could expect from the surgery, my recovery time, the risks and side effects involved etc, I was emailed all of my scans and I was also given an info pack on everything I needed to know including what I'd need to do in the lead up to my surgery. There are two types of laser surgery and I was also told which type I would be undergoing. 

Last week I was called by my surgeon for a pre-surgery discussion. It was great to be able to have a chat with him ahead of the surgery and he outlined a few of the important things I needed to do in the lead up to surgery, he gave me some tips for the day and what I should do after it's all done. He reminded me to read over the info pack and we just went through anything I was unsure of. I thought this was a really nice touch. Although I won't meet Dr. Patel until the day, I feel at ease knowing we've had an initial introduction.

Although I am nervous and I tend to worry about everything, I also feel very secure in the knowledge that I'm in good hands, I've made the right decision and I'm also very, very, very grateful for the fact Optical Express have chosen to collaborate with me. I'm here to help explain things to you, give you an honest account of my journey with Optical Express and I also want you to know; you can ask me anything! Comment below if you have any questions or send me a tweet!

Photography by JKGPhotography

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Stay tuned for updates on my social channels and keep your eyes peeled for my follow up post!

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Crazy for Camo - Tips for wearing one print, head to toe.

How much Camo print is too much? Well, I wanted to put that question to the test and decided to wear not one, but four types of the well-known print for Day 4 of London Fashion Week.

Many people are torn with this print. I personally LOVE it and find myself wearing it a lot during the autumn/winter months. There's something really cool about the khaki tones and the various styles the print comes in.

As I mentioned in my previous post here, Marks and Spencer's kindly gifted me some items to wear for this season of LFW and I couldn't resist this *jacquard skirt. If you look closely, you'll see that it's a hummingbird print. At first glance, it looks like camo and I love that! My look started with this skirt and I started putting together any camo items I already owned at home. I tied my lightweight camo jacket around my waist and on top, I kept snuggly with a cropped camo hoody (similar styles here

If you're wondering where the fourth camo print comes in...then take a look at my nails! Yep, I went fully in with this look and got my nails done with camouflage nail art. What do you guys think? Would you get camo nails?

- Camo Edit -

Tips for wearing one print, head to toe

  • Wear various scales of the same print. One print, blown up or scaled right down can look soooo different. Play with scale!
  • Mix your colour ways! Pick your print and find it in different colours. Camo comes in so many different colour ways now a days. I especially love the pink/red camos you often see.
  • Scared of trying this look with a garish print? Start with a classic like polka dots or stripes. Mix and match what you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Choose prints that look similar even though they aren't! For example, in my outfit shown here, the skirt is actually a hummingbird print that resembles a camo print.
  • Same print but invert the colour way. If you wear a black and white polka dot on top, wear the same print but switch the colours for the bottom half of the look.

Photographs by Adorngirl 

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