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As I previously mentioned, I am allllll about the comfort at the moment. Fashion is ever changing and it's fun to tap in and out of but let's be real, we all love our classic wardrobe staples and my wardrobe is over flowing with them at the moment. 

I wanted to show you todays outfit and show you that a lot of what I wear isn't ground breaking, it wouldn't turn any heads and it could be considered as quite basic?

Now, basic is in no way a bad thing. I love my casual, every day looks and it's easy to glam them up by adding a few accessories and a slick of lippy. During the week I tend to wear trainers as I'm running around London, going to lots of meetings and standing on my feet a fair bit. Come the weekend, I tend to bring out the chunky heels as I know that I'll probably be sitting a fair bit (god I love to sit), eating brunch and travelling via Ubers everywhere - no rushing around anywhere!

This look is my typical off-duty look and I hope you like it! 

Really digging my new Embroidered Parka by newly launched brand, AND/OR which you can buy exclusively at John Lewis. This brand isn't a plus size brand but as you can see, I've taken their XL jacket and made it work for my figure. There's plenty of room in this jacket, it's light and airy and I just love the embroidered details.

                                                                                                          Photography by JKGPhotography

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10 Classic Shaped Shades with a 2017 twist

I ditch my sunglasses during the winter but then as soon as the sun starts to make an appearance; I go a little loopy for shades!

I love that your sunnies can be an extension of your personality and 2017 is definitely the year of the kooky sunglasses. There's plenty of outlandish styles to choose from but if the classics are your thing; I've got you covered. 

Here is an edit of the 10 best sunglasses available right now. I've chosen classic styles but with a 2017 twist. 

Unisex Square Frame Glasses 
Love the Celine square frames but on a tighter budget? Go for these Komono glasses.

Glittery Oversized Round Sunglasses 
Grey isn't a colour I'd normally go for, but for a monochrome fashion fan, I love these sassy sunnies!

'Scrappy' Sunglasses 
Love a cat eye frame but own about 10 of them already? Try this updated cat eye style in stylish navy.

Tortoise and Gold 
A fresh and exciting approach to a classic vintage style. I love these glasses and you can see how I rock them in the cover photo! NB. I was kindly sent these and they come in my prescription which is amazing! 

Muse Fade Aviator Sunglasses 
Love the coloured lense trend but can't see yourself committing to it fully? Try these faded lenses for the best of both worlds. 

Round Shaped Sunglasses 
These round, acetate glasses are super cool! I love the layered heart shapes! Perfect if you love the 90's heart shaped lenses but want a more mature approach to your sunnies.

Mavis Metal Cateye Sunglasses
Cool cateyes for anyone on a budget. I've seen lots of designer frames in this style but these bargain frames are the best! Keep it simple with classic black.

8. Boohoo 
Lyla Clear Insert Cat Eye Sunglasses 
Bargain Babes! I love that these frames combine so many of the key sunglasses trends. Cat eyes, cut outs, 50s and coloured lenses...all in one! 

Reveal Rectangle - Frame Sunglasses 
You can't get more classic than the colour turquoise but I love these retro rectangle frames and the lenses that are placed on top. 

Hexagonal Sunglasses 
The coolest shape on the market right now! These are a classic gold and grey colour way but the updated shape gives them that instant cool.

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Why being comfortable is so important for me at the moment.

It is no secret that I have a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia, but at the moment that is topped off with some pretty severe gastro issues (due to complications with routine surgery last year). Quite honestly, I am not feeling good at the moment...If we're being real, I feel like shit. These stomach issues are making life very difficult for me and it's all just very tiring, very disheartening and it's making day to day life really hard.

I recently signed with a management company which I AM SO EXCITED about but I just wish I was in better health as I'm currently not feeling at my best and I really want to feel better so I can throw myself into lots of work and projects. I've been spending a lot of time at home recently as I've been too uncomfortable to be out and about and I've also not been making plans as all I seem to do at the moment is cancel them.

Cancelling on your friends/family constantly is draining for all those involved. I have to try and listen to my body and pace myself and if looking after my health means missing Drake gigs and birthday dinners; then so be it. I hate having to constantly let my friends down but at the end of the day; your health is more important sometimes most of the time!

I have learnt to mask my Fibromyalgia pain, put a front on things and get on with the task/job at hand but this stomach problem is next level and it's making simple things like dressing pretty hard. Everything tight hurts me as it digs into my tummy, tights hurt, jeans are a no-go as well. It's making things hard for me as it's really limiting my outfit choices. I'm wearing leggings today and even they are putting excess pressure on my tummy...it's all so sexy isn't it?!

The key for me at the moment is to dress as comfortably as possible so this means loose, oversized, flowing garments. I need to feel like I've simply swaddled myself in my bed sheet and that nothing is digging in! I managed to shoot some outfits last week and this is literally the perfect outfit for those who want to slay whilst being comfortable all day! The skirt is loose and doesn't hurt at all and can we talk about that beautiful colour please? I love the tie detail on the jumper, it gives it a point of difference from your standard jumper and you can hitch it up to any height you like. 

"the perfect outfit for those who want to slay whilst being comfortable all day"

Photographs by JKGPhotography 

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