Black Friday 2016

After jumping on the bandwagon, the UK have now firmly adopted the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday craze. If sale shopping is your thing, you've come to the right place as I've got lots of deals and discounts listed below!

Your inbox is probably over flowing with sale emails and there's adverts everywhere but because I'm such a nice person; I've put all the best high street deals in one place for you. 

It's time to get your Christmas shopping head firmly fixed on, eyes down and wallets at the ready. 

Here's my edit of the best sale picks, followed by the best of the rest!


20% off everything with code 'GOGOGO'


30% off everything with code treat30 


30% off all black items 


Gifting Weekend - on selected lines only


20% off with code 'BFRIDAY16'


Up to 50% off selected styles 


20% off each and every item with code 'GIFT'


Daily Cyber Week deals - check daily!

20% off + Free Delivery enter 'WONDER' at checkout


Up to 50% off selected lines

Also, don't forget about all of these deals as well...

Simply Be - 50% off hundreds of items plus Free Delivery today with code 'QAXG5'

FEEL UNIQUE  - Daily Cyber Week Deals

Boohoo - Up to 50% off everything and Free Delivery

Peach Trail - 15% off today with code 'PEACHFRIENDS'

Black Heart Creatives - 30% off with code 'BLACKFRIDAY' 

Selfridges - Worldwide 20% off Christmas Shopping / 10% off other lines with code 'SELFCCE'

Made - UK and EU Free Delivery 

House of Fraser - Up to 50% off

Urban Outfitters - Buy 1 get 1 50% off 

John Lewis - Various offers 

Mango - 20% off all weekend 

Forever21 - Up to 50% off 

The Body Shop - Worldwide 40% off with code '19805 '

Sephora - Worldwide 20% off

Beauty Bay - Up to 30% off selected lines 

Look Fantastic (Beauty) - Save up to 25% on your order with code 'LFBLACK'

Happy Shopping!

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Nailing the Knee High Trend

Ever wanted to wear a style or trend but been too scared to try it? This was me when it came to knee high/ over the knee boots. I've always wanted to try them but when you are graced with chubby legs like I have; it's hard to find ones that fit.

You might have wider calves or thicker thighs or chunky ankles, either way the knee high boot has previously been a tricky style to work with. Thankfully, the likes of River Island, Asos and New Look have all come through this autumn/winter and there are plenty of styles to pick from.

Here's a little look at how I recently styled my wide fit knee high boots (currently out of stock). I like the medium heel on these particular boots and the fact there is a tie at the back so you can secure them. These boots don't really budge either. Some styles slip down your leg but so far, so good with these. I have linked some very similar ones below, as well as my other fave picks this season.

Photography by JKGPhotography

1. Dress (out of stock), similar here  | 2. Old Suede Coat similar here | 3. Knee High Boots (out of stock), similar here |


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How to take a party dress from day to night

The festive period is nearly upon us (it's kind of already started for some) and it's more important than ever to make sure you have lots of festive pretties hanging in your wardrobe; ready for all those christmas parties!

 I spotted this gorgeousssssss velvet dress whilst browsing on the Marks and Spencer's site recently and couldn't resist buying it. I seem to have become fully addicted to M&S this year! 

When I first tried this dress on, I envisaged wearing it on a night out but I spotted it hanging in my wardrobe yesterday and thought I'd challenge myself to style it for the day time. Take a look at how I styled it for the day and then by loosing the jacket/trainers and adding some heels; I took this look from day to night. 

- Daytime styling -

Layering is key! It's cold out there at the moment so layer your party frock over a roll neck or even a fine knit.

Add a fancy bomber jacket. I love bomber jackets like this floral style because they are cropped and work well layered over dresses. You can dress them up or down and they are everywhere this season.

Sling a big bag over your shoulder. If you're anything like me; you carry all of your household possessions with you when you are out and about. Add a casual shopper/tote bag to your look to dress it down. 

Comfort is key! If you haven't tried a pair of trainers with a fancy dress you haven't lived ok? Try it! Adidas Superstars work so well with everything, including that party frock hanging in your wardrobe.

Night time styling -

Photography by JKGPhotography 

Loose the layers! It was COLD yesterday so I was not about to loose all of my layers for the sake of my photos! Imagine I've removed the roll neck and the bomber jacket and you're good to go for your Christmas party!

Switch up your lippy. I love a nude lipstick whether it's day or night but you could give this outfit a vampy edge by adding a dark burgundy lipstick. I am definitely trying that the next time I wear this dress. 

Ditch the flats and grab some heels. I love my flats as previously stated but you can't beat a pair of killer heels to get you in the party mood. I tend to always go for a chunky heel but I'm loving the sassy vibe of these stiletto heels.

Scared of bearing your legs? Keep your tights on and wear them with your heels - even your strappy heels! Previously a fashion faux pas; I love how tights look with heels.

Clutch bags are a girls best friend during party season. Leave your tote bag at work and cram your essentials into a clutch. I love this classic style on sale at the moment. 


1. Velvet Dress (avail in sizes 8 - 22) | 2. Roll Neck Top | 3. Bomber Jacket ( I am wearing an 18 from main range) | 4. Trainers | 5. Suede Shopper Bag | 6. Wide Fit Heels | 7. Necklace 

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Styling a statment coat | Part One

I am normally very decisive when it comes to my purchases, especially when it comes to clothes. I tend to spot something, and if I can envisage wearing it a lot; I buy it. Sometimes it isn't even as "complex" as that. If I like it, whether I can afford it or not; I buy it.

When you come across something that is a little bit/a lot more out of your normal price range; I think the process tends to be a little more thought out. I go back and forth a million times, justifying the purchase. This is exactly what I did with this Statement Coat

I took to twitter and asked the masses. The general consensus was to buy the coat but I sat and thought about a few things... 

Would I wear the coat a lot this autumn/winter? - yes
Would I wear the coat in years to come? - yes
Do I already own something similar? - no
Can I justify the expense? - yes... no... maybe?
Can I style this coat in a number of ways? - yes

The last question lead me to think how I would wear this coat for its first outing. I thought I'd show you two ways to style this particular coat over two separate posts. Here is outfit one:
Pick out the key colours in the coat and build your outfit around them.

For this outfit I decided to home in on the pink, white, black and grey and wear items in those colours. I had this pink pinafore stashed away in the wardrobe, a classic white long sleeve top, my cute pink Adidas Gazelles and some old grey tights. Some might think that this is too matchey matchey but I love it! Try it! Take your fave statement coat, pick out the key colours and go from there. Show me online (twitter/Facebook/Instagram) your outfits!

Photographs by JKGPhotography 


1. Statement Coat - I'm wearing the M/L and I'm a size 20/22 | 2. Pink Pinafore | 3. White Long Sleeve Top | 4. Pink Adidas Gazelles | 5. Grey Tights similar here - I wear a size XL.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of this post where I will show you another way to style a statement coat such as this one!
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We don't always need to flatter our figures.

As women we have been conditioned to believe that the only suitable way of dressing is to flatter our figures. We've been told to accentuate/conceal parts of our bodies in order for us to look good. For me this "style rule" is a load of rubbish and I want to try and show you, that you shouldn't have to exclude yourself from trends or ignore certain styles; just because of your body shape.

I love boxy, over sized pieces and I am often drawn to these far more than the figure hugging, body con styles we so commonly see in plus size fashion. If I cast my mind back to the start of my blogging career; I lived in body con dresses. Tight dresses were my "thing" and I didn't really experiment with the shape or cut of tops/dresses.

I feel like these "unflattering" styles weren't as readily available to us as they are now and as my confidence to experiment with trends/styles grew; so did my need to try different shapes. I think my love of oversize styles started when I lived in Stockholm. I came across brands such as Monki and Weekday and fell in love. Over the years I taught myself to hunt in straight size shops for pieces that would fit my plus size body. More often than not; these were boxy, cropped or over size and this is where my love affair started!

Ladies, please remember:

You don't always have to wear a belt.
You don't always have to wear shape wear.
You don't always have to nip it in or smooth it out.

Photographs by JKGPhotography 

This shirt. This beautiful shirt is a clear example of how you can make straight size items fit even if your dress size exceeds the largest size on offer. I'd like you to hazard a guess at the size of this shirt. Have a look at my pictures and I'll reveal all at the end; you're going to be shocked!

The ASOS White collection is stunning and they have a lot of oversize items. Definitely try the range and let me know if you find something you love. 


White Shirt / Black Leggings / Wide Fit Heels on sale / Earrings similar here

Before you go, the shirt is a size 10 guys. A TEN. 
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