Jumpsuits: The most versatile item in your wardrobe

Jumpsuits have made a reappearance over the last few seasons and I for one am very happy about this. The jumpsuit was a style I previously used to shy away from; but...  how could I ignore something that is so stylish as well as being so comfortable?

Finding the perfect fit is paramount to falling in love with this style. I promise you though, once you find one that you love; you'll never ignore this style again. I recently wore this Ember Jumpsuit from Studio 8* to Curve Fashion Festival back in September and I've not had it off my back since then!

The thing I love about jumpsuits is the fact you can dress them up or down with very little ease! Here are my top 3 reasons why jumpsuits are the best!

Comfortable: Ladies, they are like a posh onesie. What's not to like? 

Versatile: Wear with them dressy trainers like I have in this style post or dress them up with killer heels and a clutch bag.

Layering: Jumpsuits are perfect for this time of year. You can pile on the layers and you'll still look stylish. Try a denim jacket on top of a floral/printed jumpsuit, a cosy knit on top of absolutely any jumpsuit, a T-shirt underneath a sleeveless option or a long line duster jacket like I have. 

                                                                                                      Photographs by JKGPhotography 

This particular jumpsuit answers all my jumpsuit needs! It is super comfortable and there is no worry of the dreaded camel toe. I sized up to a 22 in this and it was the right thing to do. I like the relaxed slouchy fit and it means that it doesn't cling to me. This particular jumpsuit comes with a gorgeous gold belt, I tend to wear it when I wear it at night and I love wearing my wider Obi belt during the day. The lace detailing on the sleeves adds a lovely point of difference and I know this is a boring thing to mention but this jumpsuit washes SO well! No bobbles and it holds its shape - perfect!

Wide Leg Jersey Jumpsuit | Obi Belt similar here | Pleated Jacket similar here  Dressy trainers | Black Bag with removable clutch bag! | Printed Scarf 


*This post is part of an on going collaboration with Studio 8 but as ever; all words and opinions are my own.

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10 Plus Size Faux Fur Coats for all budgets

Who else loves faux fur? I know I've got two hands up right now! I love that it's getting chillier here in the UK and that it's faux fur season! I've yet to wear an entire faux fur coat yet but I have delved into the world of fur trims and OMG have you seen the faux fur bombers that are out at the moment!? 

When it get's super cold I can't wait to rock the Elvi Patchwork Faux Fur Coat that I recently shot in my AW16 Danielle Vanier Elvi Edit. If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter I am sure you will have seen all the Elvi shots we recently took... what a dream come true! Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post featuring all the shots/videos we took. But for the mean time; here's one featuring their beaut jacket! 

Whether you like full on faux fur or just a touch... I've got you covered

Click the jacket you like to shop!

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How to style a party dress for the daytime

We all have those party dresses hanging in the wardrobe that only come out at Christmas time or for your best mates, 80s revival birthday party. You know the ones? They are neglected for 3/4's of the year and if I'm honest with you; I totally forget they are there half the time!

I was kindly sent a few bits from Simply Be and one of the pieces I thought I'd show you is this incredible *Embellished Cami Dress. I had visions of wearing it during the festive period and spilling bottles of prosecco down it, but when rooting in my wardrobe the other day; it fell to the floor who am I kidding it was already on the floor thanks to my floordrobe and I gave myself the task of turning this statement dress into something a little more wearable. I did this recently with a statement jacket in this post and I enjoyed the outcome I must say! 

Wearing a slip dress, wether it's embellished or not screams 90's to me. This is especially true when layered over a T-shirt. Once I'd paired this dress with a white tee; I thought I'd run with the whole 90's theme and I added a choker, over size denim jacket and my old chunky white shoes to tie it all together. There are a number of different ways you could style a dress like this. Try wearing it over a crisp white shirt or over a roll neck jumper. Fish net tights with the dress would look incredible and so would a satin duster jacket worn over the shoulders. 

I just quickly wanted to mention the *Faux Shearling Denim Jacket. I was recently gifted this by ASOS and I sized up to a 22 (I normally like to wear 18s in my jackets) as I wanted an oversized look to it. I have also given it a little personalised update with patches. This is such an easy way to customise something and there are lots of cute patches/badges out there now a days. Check out some of my faves below. 

Photographs by JKGPhotography


1. Embellished Cami Dress | 2. White T-shirt similar long sleeved version here | 3. Denim Jacket | 4. Rose badge | 5. Tights in sizes S-XL (I wear an L at size 20)  | 6. White Shoes similar here 7. Plus Size Choker 

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Buying Glasses Online | Useful Tips

When I was younger, I lived in contact lenses and hated wearing my glasses. I just couldn't find a shape that suited me and there just wasn't the wide selection of frames that are available now a days. 
I had to stop wearing contacts religiously a few years ago because my Fibromyalgia gives me dry eyes and I struggle to wear lenses for more than a few hours now. This is where beautiful glasses come into play.

I make sure I treat my frames just like any other accessory I would wear. I take pride in finding fun, quirky frames and where better to do this from than the comfort of your own home?

If you have yet to enter the world of buying glasses online; take a look at my tips for finding the perfect pair for you.

1. Is your prescription up to date? If it isn't, you're going to find yourself falling at the first hurdle. Make sure you get your eyes tested at least once a year and keep a copy of your prescription to hand.

2. What's your budget? The best thing for me about buying glasses online is the huge savings you can make. I always, always buy my glasses online now because in comparison to your high street opticians; the prices are incredible. Pick a rough budget for yourself and shop around for frames in this price range. Lots of sites offer a guaranteed price match which is always useful.

3. Suits you, Sir! Like with anything you wear, fit is important. If you are new to buying online, finding frames that suit your face shape might seem daunting but there are lots of useful tips to finding the shape that suits you best. Firstly think...

4. What do you need your glasses for? Are they for style reasons? Will you be working out in them? Are they going to have to work with every outfit you wear? I wear my glasses every day so I chose a pair that go with everything and look great worn with daytime and night time outfits.

5. What's your face shape? We all have a different shaped face and although a 'face shape guide' is a helpful tool to use, you don't have to follow it precisely. If you like something, whether it's a pair of jeans or a pair of glasses; wear them! Lots of sites offer guides helping you to see if you have a round, oval, heart or square shaped face. 

6. Try before you buy! These days most of the online glasses retailers offer a great try before you buy virtual tool. This is such a good way to see what shapes and colours might suit your face/skin tone. 

7. Still can't decide? I suggest considering the try on at home services. Lots of stores offer a service where you can try on lots of empty frames at home, allowing you to find a style that suits and then you simply return them, tell them your preferred pair and they make those up for you using your prescription. It's a fun way to try on en mass! 

Don't forget ... 

8. Comfort is key! - When trying on frames, make sure they fit comfortably, they sit firmly on the bridge of your nose and behind your ears so that they don't slip off your face. No one wants a headache from wearing glasses that are too tight! 

9. Research is important - Shop around, try before you buy and don't forget to look at sites like Vision Direct that will give you heaps more tips for buying glasses online.

10. Return to Sender - Test drive your frames so that you know for sure that they are the glasses for you. If you feel like you might be indecisive; check the returns policy on the site so that you're in the know and you aren't caught out by any unfair returns policies. 

*This post is in collaboration with Vision Direct but as always, all words and opinions are my own.
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8 Wide Fit Boots You Need this Autumn

It's bootie season! Hurray!
I was inspired by Gracie's blog post (here) and thought I'd put a post together featuring some of my fave Wide Fit Boots. 

Now, I'm not going to lie and say that I'm totally happy with the selection we have available to us; as I'm not. Where are all the gorgeous embroidered boots? Where are all the lace up knee high boots? I have seen so many of these available in standard fit, I'm just praying we get some wide fit options asap!

Anyway, I don't mean to be a negative nancy as we do have some beautiful boots available at the moment so without further ado; here are 8 of my favourites...

Where do you like to buy your wide fit shoes from? My favourite stores are ASOS and New Look but I am *SO* excited to see that River Island and now Boohoo both have wide fit shoes for sale.
Buh Bye Money!

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Giving a statement jacket a daytime twist.

I shot this look a little while back but then September happened & it just went a little crazy for me. Now that it's a little quieter and my LFW looks are all posted; here is my delightful, fringey, pinky look.

Take one statement tassel-tastic jacket and team it with casual daytime pieces and you've got a winning look (in my opinion).
 I love taking a really 'wow factor' item and dressing it down. This Elvi tassel jacket sadly sold out pretty fast but you can still find the skirt version here. Lets hope they restock it! For an alternative look; try a sequin jacket, slogan T-shirt and jeans. I also love styling a glam kimono jacket in this same fashion. Items previously associated with night time looks shouldn't just be kept for when it turns dark! 

The silky satin *shirt I've paired with this jacket is just gorgeous! It was ironed pre-blog shoot but I somehow managed to make it look like I slept in a tent. Tent Chic...could that be a thing? The shirt is the softest thing ever and feels so luxe. I love Navabi and if you've never looked on their site; I suggest you do it asap! This is the first Persona by Marina Rinaldi item I have owned and I am truly thankful to Navabi for sending it to me to style up.

I've finally found myself some super comfy ripped jeans (well they are actually labelled as 'jeggings') but they seem really jean-like to me. I have them in black but I love this grey update. I have gone years without wearing jeans but now I have them; it's dangerous... I keep wearing them religiously!

Photographs by JKGPhotography

Finally, to finish the look off I have some cute pink Gazelles on my feet and a lovely burgundy suede bag which I've been wearing with everything!


1. Jeggings | 2. Pink Shirt | 3. Pink Suede Gazelle Trainers | 4. Suede Embossed Bag

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