Denim For Days [10 Plus Size Denim Picks]

In the past the only plus size friendly denim you could find was the odd pair of ill fitting jeans and if you were lucky a really shoddy denim jacket. Today, I still personally find it really hard to find a pair of jeans that fit well but luckily for me I can still get my denim fix because so many brands now do amazingggg denim pieces.

I've put a little selection together below and I think you'll agree; things are really coming along nicely for us plus size ladies. It's refreshing to see that we now have access to some of the same shapes available to our skinnier pals. Click on the garment you like and it'll take you directly to the correct shop.

What do you guys think about these denim pieces? Are you as happy as I am that we now have lots of denim to choose from or do you still shy away from this structured fabric?

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  1. I have the dress in the top row second from right - best thing I've bought this season.

  2. I have bought a denim t-shirt dress from Simply Be and I love it!

    Katrina Sophia

  3. Love the oversized shirt dress!

    C xx

    1. Same! Im obsessed with them all...my bank balance is notttttt happy! x

  4. I've been wearing AdditionElle jeans almost exclusively as I live in Toronto, they're the most economical for me, and I found the perfect fit (petite shaped). However, as I wear them SO much, they (and every pair of jeans i have ever owned) wear out between the thighs within 6 months or less. Can anyone, anywhere, invent something that makes this one area super super thick/strong/resilient? Does this exist already?


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