Barry M SS15 Launches

Yesterday I attended a launch party hosted by Barry M and I had the chance to preview their new SS15 products. It's always a pleasure attending their events and getting a sneak peek at what they have in store for us. I thought seeing as they were so kind to gift me all their new products, I'd show you them all and give you some details about launch dates etc.

First up are the nine new Quick Dry varnishes from their new Speedy Nail Paint range which are launching in Superdrug on February 11th and Boots on the 18th. This is the first collection made with this fast drying formula and the brush is also newly designed so that it dispenses just enough polish onto your nail for precise application. Available in 9 different pastel shades and I currently have Pit Stop (grey) on which is probably my fave out of all of them. I pretty much exclusively use Barry M nail varnishes now a days. I love their colours, the way they go on when you apply them and you can't argue with a £2.99 price point!

Barry M Speedy Nail Paint collection from L-R: Full Throttle | Lap of Honour | Pole Position | Eat My Dust | In a Heart Beat | Pit Stop | Road Rage | Stop The Clock | Kiss Me Quick 
Three new Gelly Hi-Shine shades have also been added to their vast collection of Gelly Nail Paints and they are lovely shades for Spring time and the thicker gelly formula means these varnishes stay put for ages. You can also add their new Plumpy Topcoat on top to keep your colour protected and more of a professional gel finish. These will launch on February 11th in Superdrug and February 18th in Boots.

L-R: Barry M Plumpy Topcoat | Sky Blue | Cotton | Fondant

 If you are anything like me, the contouring craze has caught your eye but when it comes down to it, you have absolutely no clue how to achieve that perfect Kimmy K look. The new Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit might just help you get that perfect look because on the inside of the lid they have included a step by step diagram showing you where to apply each of the three shades. I've yet to try this kit but I am hoping that once I've mastered the technique I'll be able to go out and find myself a Kanye! This palette launches in Boots on February 4th & in Superdrug on the 11th February.

The Flawless Perfecting Powder is the item I am most looking forward to trying. I currently use Studio Fix Powder by Mac, but it's expensive and if I manage to get the same look with this powder I will definitely be swapping over. Available in three shades, this light weight powder comes in a mirrored compact and includes a little sponge for application. I tend to stick to using brushes for my make up application but the little sponges are good for when you're on the go I find. 

Barry M Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder in Medium.
Next up are these Gelly Hi Shine Lip crayons. They have launched two new colours and my personal fave is the taupe/nude colour called Orion. I have been using a lot of nudes on my lips recently and these glide on and give a dense slick of colour on your lips. The coral shade called Sigma is really punchy and will be lovely when the weather warms up.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips
Top: Orion | Bottom: Sigma 
Finally they now have a White Bold Waterproof Eyeliner which is great for those who want to brighten up their eyes. I am glad to see it's waterproof as I really struggle with eye products on my water line. Unless they are waterproof, they make my eyes run and no one needs a teary looking Danie! This eyeliner and the two new lip colours will launch in Superdrug on the 11th of February and in Boots on the 18th of February. 

Barry M White Bold Waterproof Eyeliner  

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Jump Up, Jump Up and get down.

Fashion should be fun and you should experiment with it because around every corner there is a new style or shape that could change your life. Behold, the jumpsuit! Now, I am fully aware lots of other people have been wearing these for years but as you may be aware, I have a slight aversion to bottoms/trousers so I have steered clear of jumpsuits/playsuits in the past.

When Igigi got in contact with me a while back, they asked if I wanted to review some of their garments. Igigi is an American brand and a lot of the pieces, although very nice, aren't very "me" but perfect for if you had a glam event you needed to attend. I thought I'd give the *jumpsuit a go but I have to be honest, I didn't expect to feel confident in it or love it as much as I do. I honestly felt like such a minx as posed for these pics! I wore my Maiden Form Singlet from Yours Clothing underneath to help me feel a little more confident and it did the trick because I felt secure and all my lumps and bumps felt smooth. I've talked about this shape wear piece before and it's my go to piece which I wear under all my body cons because its perf. Sadly I've had the jumpsuit stashed away for so long now it appears to be sold out but hopefully they sell something similar asap!

Another thing I didn't think I'd ever try was pointed heels. I mean, I wore these when I was a teenager and didn't think I'd ever go there again but these *monochrome heels ones from Simply Be caught my eye. I know some can find pointed heels hard to wear if they have wide feet but I got these in the EEE fitting and they are so good guys! My feet didn't feel uncomfortable in them and although the heel is thin, I didn't wobble about when I was walking around. My cute little Monki handbag was a secret santa gift and I love it because it's exactly what I'd buy for myself - they got it spot on!

*** Edit: Igigi now stock a long sleeved jumpsuit which is definitely worth checking out! Take a peek here.


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Isolated Heros

Feels good to finally be able to upload an outfit post here on the blog! It's been a while ey? I've had a slow start this year and although I've been out and about a lot recently, I've not had the chance to have my pics taken. Hopefully this outfit puts me back in the game? I felt sooooo good in it. Gemma took my pics locally so I didn't have far to walk in it but I really want to go "out out" wearing this exact get up - so many people commented on it (in a good way, no sniggers were heard thankfully...not that I'd have given a flying f&*k if they had...I probably would have turned around, bent over and flashed them my lady bits)

The fabulous sequin dress is an oversized beauty from one of my fave independent brands called Isolated Heros. I have followed them for a while on Instagram and when they had a big sale at Christmas I treated myself to this Sheer Tears Drop Dress. The best thing about this brand is that they have just extended their size range to a UK24 and they make everything in their little studio in Scotland. I promise their Instagram account will brighten up your day - go check them out! Their whole brand aesthetic inspired this outfit and I like how all the different components work together even though they are all so different.

My wonderful suspender tights are an old purchase from M&S and I am wearing an XL which is a great fit on me. This is the first time I wore them out in public but it won't be the last - I felt bloody hot in them! I don't think they are online anymore but check in your local store if you like them. I literally live in these boots... I think I'll buy myself a second pair for when these ones get too shabby. Please note they aren't wide fit but really roomy which is good to know if you need a bit of extra width. The pastel faux fur jobby is from Boohoo Plus and isn't it delightful?

Sequin Dress - Isolated Heros
Pastel Faur Fur Coat - *Boohoo 
Boots - Vagabond via Office Shoes
Suspender Tights - old M&S
Rucksack - Topshop/ Similar here

It's good to be back guys and I have some (in my opinion) fab outfits coming up for you over the next few weeks.
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Simply Being honest

It's always nice to see Spring/Summer ranges trickling into the shops and although my favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring, I do like to see new summery styles and I start dreaming about all the summer holidays I can't afford and all the cocktails I could be drinking during the summer months.

Simply Be still continue to be one of my favourite places to shop even though I have been struggling with their sizing of late. I wouldn't be a realistic customer/blogger if I didn't share all of the good things I think about a brand as well as the more negative things. I find I have to size up once or even twice on everything I buy at the moment which is fine as I am not *overly* concerned about the number on the label but it does bother me when it means other girls who are bigger than me, can't shop there anymore. I am lucky that most things I like on their site/in store fit me even if I size up but the bigger girls don't have much room for manoeuvre as a lot of the more trend lead items available, don't come in the larger sizes. This is such a shame and I really hope that the teething problems in relation to sizing/fit are ironed out a bit more this year.

Negative chat aside, I have my eye on a number of their New In bits & I've put them all together in a wishlist for you. Click on any of the items you like and it'll take you directly to that item on the Simply Be site.

Have you been experiencing any fit/sizing issues with Simply Be or are things all hunky dory for you? Leave me a comment below as it would be great to hear if there are other people out there having issues.
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- Sales -

Even though I was bombarded with sales this year, I felt like I was very sort of restrained. The sales seem to start earlier and earlier each year which is great for those last minute Christmas shoppers but not so great for shopping addicts like myself!

I picked up a few gems and thought you might like to see what I got. I always love a bargain and I LOVE when things you have wanted for ages end up in the sale at amazing prices.

Gogo Philip Jewellery
Jewellery - I've been after some Gogo Philip pieces for ages and I spotted these in the ASOS sale and couldn't resist them...they were sooooooo cheap. I think the leaf necklace was £2 (now sadly out of stock) but the other necklace is available here and the clip on earrings are also sadly out of stock now but they were £3! I always wear big, statement jewellery and I thought it would be nice to have some dainty things in my collection.

Vagabond boots 
 Vagabond Boots - As I previously mentioned, I love when you've been coveting something and then it ends up being a great price in the sale. You might have noticed I have an obsession with white shoes and these Vagabond boots are MEGA GOOD. I can't tell you how comfy they are and I'm already thinking about buying a second pair... just because. They were originally £100 but I bought them for £48.

New Look Wide Fit Shoes
Heels - As you all know, I love the wide fit shoes from New Look and thanks to them I wear heels A LOT more often. They just get it. Often wide fit shoes can look a bit crappy but they consistently surprise me and the New Look sales are a-mazing. The Leopard print sandals are real leather and a snip at £14, they are such beautiful shoes. The pink glitter heels have the same fit as all of the other pairs I was wearing last summer and I can't wait to take them for a spin. They are such a bargain at £12.

ASOS Curve shirt
Shirt - Loud, garish and leopard print... my favourite things! I've been after this ASOS Curve shirt for a while now and I thought seeing as it is only £18 I'd go for it! It fits nicely over my ample bosom, I only sized up by one size and thought this might have been a problem but the fit is spot on.

MUA Makeup goodies 
Makeup - Sometimes you come across a sale and it's just too good to ignore. The MUA sale was incredible. When I bought these, they had 30% off and if you subscribed to their mailing list - new customers got an extra 20% off your basket... How good is that? WELL, it's even better now.. they have 65% off in their sale shop now!!! I picked up so many bits (as you can see above). Check their site out here for all their sale picks.

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A slow start

It's been a slow start for me this year. New Years Eve celebrations were hilarious but have worn me out and I've been bit of a hermit ever since. I have the whole of 2015 to accomplish everything I want to; so I don't feel the need to rush anything.

I've been in pyjamas for most of January - hence the lack of outfit posts but today I ventured out with my Sister in Law, Lauren and my mega adorable Niece, Eloise. Spending time with her is guaranteed to cheer me up and a coffee and slab of cake may not help my sore tummy but damn it was nice!

Before Lauren headed off home she snapped me in my outfit and here's what I wore:

What I'm wearing

Jacket - eBay available here
*Jumper - Look Magazine for Simply Be available here
*Jeggings - New Look Inspire available here
Boots - Vagabond available here
Necklace - GoGo Philip similar here 

Bit of Red Velvet and coffee from my local cafe in Leyton
Eloise' first appearance on my blog! Isn't she just the cutest?! 
Hopefully things will start to improve for me over the next few days and I will be back to blogging a bit more regularly. Stick with me gang.

P.s I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who messaged me or left a comment on my previous post (here)... It was quite difficult for me to talk about my illness but in doing so I hope it helps increase awareness for the condition and what it's like to live with an "invisible" illness.
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