I just had a gingham-gasm.

Now Matalan has been around for yonks and it is somewhere where I have found some great pieces just on the off chance when I have popped into a store or had a look online. It has a plus size range, which has recently had a facelift but I actually haven't ever bought anything from that range.

This amazing skirt is from their main range and it goes up to a size 20. I am wearing the 20 and I would have actually preferred the 18 as this size is a little too baggy for me on my waist, apart from that the fit is great. This is good news for you ladies who are a 22 who might fancy giving this gem a try. At £18 you can't go wrong. The look, quality, fabric, mesh panel, fit, colour and shape ALL get an A* from me. They now have this skirt in a plain white and pink with mesh panels so go take a peek if they sound like something you'd wear.

I chose to style the skirt with a jumper and shirt as I was actually inspired by how they advertised it on their site. The model is wearing a slouchy grey jumper and a long sleeved white shirt, which hangs out underneath the bottom of the jumper. I have had this skirt hanging in my wardrobe for months and was constantly debating how to style it but I am so glad the picture of their model caught my eye.

The jumper is a really old New Look jumper and the white shirt I am wearing was gifted to me by New Look Inspire recently. I have worn that shirt to death - I love it. The necklace is a recent purchase from Topshop, well my Mum actually bought it for me for a birthday present and the boots are also from Topshop available here. The clutch is an old New Look sale jobby. The grey lippy I am wearing is one of my new spring faves, it's from Kiko and it's such a different colour to my more "normal" shades.

I'm glad I waited with this skirt and found an outfit I really love and didn't just rush to put it on my blog. Sometimes you buy something and you instantly know how you'll style it but with this piece it took me a while but what do you think? Is this a combo you would wear together?

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  1. Gorgeous! Seen similar skirt in Asda in white, black or pink I think, not sure what size they go up to xx

    1. Oh yes! Ive seen them, also very nice skirts x

  2. A totally amazing outfit. x x

  3. Love this! Such a fun take on gingham

  4. I love this outfit so much! You look amazing.



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