Little bit of titillation for you here on the blog today.

I have boobs and they need supporting. Thanks to my Fibromyalgia, I suffer with chronic back pain and seeing as my boobs are heavy and on the larger side they need to feel supported and the bra needs to be as comfy as possible. I usually wear a 38G/GG but when MyCurvesandMe contacted me to see if I wanted to review a bra; I decided to go up a size in the band measurement and I went to a 40G. Now, I know you should try to stick with your measurements so that you get maximum support etc BUT on this occasion, seeing as I am suffering so much from back pain at the moment (sorry, I try not to whinge normally about this sort of stuff here on my blog) I decided to throw that out the window and went with a band measurement that I knew wouldn't add extra pressure on my back but still hold them in place and look pretty all at the same time.

This lovely bra by *Sculptresse is still available on their site in sizes 36F - 46H and I'd recommend it for those of you with an ample bosom as it is a full cup and feels nice and structured, without you feeling like you're in a straight jacket. The bra also comes with briefs, shown in the second picture and you can check them out by clicking here. They currently have sizes 14-26 in stock and as far as a full brief goes, they are really pretty!

Have you ladies tried Mycurvesandme before?

*This set was gifted to me for review.
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Missing the boat.

In a previous post, back when I started blogging I talked about the fact that sometimes you watch a trend spread from the catwalk to main stream fashion; but that you admire it from afar and that you don't try it for yourself.

This is what I did with the whole crop top thing. I've seen post after post featuring fabulous fat bitches wearing crop tops, flashing some flesh and sticking their middle finger up to the fashion rules imposed on us. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to try it but I'm SO chuffed that I have. I absolutely love how this outfit has turned out.

Don't stress yourself out if you "miss the boat" when it comes to trends. If it takes you some time to try it out for yourself then that's totally ok.

Skirt - c/o Topsy Curvy
Long sleeved crop top - c/o OneOneThree
Jacket - old Tesco
Heels - old M&S

Have you loved a trend and then watched it go by and thought "Shit, I'm too late, I'll look silly if I wear that now"?

*I hope you enjoy how orange my legs look. Tanned these bad boys but then the light, the poor quality pics and dodgy spray tan combined to make me look rather patchy!

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Stop press. I'm wearing jeans.

When I was in my teens I lived in those heinous carpenter jeans from Gap. I then got too fat for Gap and turned to Dotty P's for my jeans. I lived in them because I didn't know how else to dress myself and I hadn't found my love of fashion just yet.

I moved to London when I was 18. Still living in jeans but switching it up a bit with jazzy tops...vom.  After a few months of studying at The University of the Arts, I started to experiment and I started to dress in crazy vintage dresses, sequin jackets and colourful tights. I totally ditched the jeans and I haven't worn them since.

I've tried to find jeans that suit me, I really have. I find hunting for them bloody boring though. I like them to be high waisted to hold my belly in and I like them to be tight at the ankle and go high enough up my thighs so that my legs don't rub when I walk. I'm not sure what it is about jeans but when I have tried to wear them in recent years I tend to feel frumpy and un-sexy. I'm not sure why though!

Just when I was giving up hope of finding a fabulous pair of jeans, in walk Topsy Curvy. I couldn't recommend them enough. They go nice and high and sit where I like them, just above my belly button. I like the wash on them and I like that when I walk around they go nice and high up (in my crotch area sorry..not sorry) so that when I do walk around my fat thighs don't rub together.
The only problem I have with this pair of jeans is that they are too long for me. This is always a problem for me as I am a short ass, but I got over that by rolling them up and sometime in the coming
weeks I will get them taken up - problem sorted!

Jeans - Topsy Curvy
Sheer striped top - Tesco Clothing
Heels - old Zara
Clutch - my Mums (brand not known)
Necklace - H&M many years a go

p.s I'm aware my toe nails look unkept and shitty, awfully sorry about that.

*These jeans were given to me for review.
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I recently helped with the styling for OneOneThrees website and their AW13 collection. The collection encompasses a lot of the things I love. You must have noticed by now how much I love black and gold right? I'm instantly drawn to it and although I love bold colours and prints I always love dressing in black.

The girls over at OneOneThree very kindly gifted me this Faux Suede Babydoll and I absolutely love it. The fit, fabric, length and print are all doing great things to me. The dress is the priciest item in their collection but you get what you pay for. The fabric is thick and heavy and sits so well on your body. I love how the skirt kicks out at the waist and really defines my shape. The low, scooped neckline allows you to show some flesh in a classy way and you could add a chunky or even dainty necklace if you wanted to. I've chosen to wear a statement belt that I got yonks ago and chunky black boots that have a leopard print heel on them. The bangles are old gifts and the lippy is 'Cyber' by MAC.

Dress - OneOneThree
Boots - old Office
Belt - old ASOS Curve
Lipstick - 'Cyber' by MAC
Bangles - old gifts 

OneOneThree recently showcased their new collection in a fashion show held in Angel, London. The show saw tartan, denim, a nod to punk/grunge & printed maxis coming down the catwalk. I tried to document the show but unfortunately the lights were so low and pointing directly at me that each time I went to take a picture you literally couldn't see anything. If you want to see some pics be sure to check out Ishas blog post.

Have you checked OneOneThree out before? What do you like from their current collection?

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My nod to the 90s.

The 90s trend is alive and well at the moment and I have seen lots of bloggers, including my bestie, Callie looking fabbbbbulous in their 90s inspired looks. If you haven't already seen her two posts you can see them here and here.

I absolutely LOVE fashion and trends and enjoy updating my wardrobe every season with new items BUT I don't feel like I need to stick to trends just because they are "in". However, having said that I've been so inspired by this trend I knew I had to get an outfit together to show you that you can also tap into this particular trend. I used to dress like an extra out of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air so maybe I should do another outfit post inspired by that type of 90s look?

*Please note that when I uploaded my pics somehow it put this sepia tone onto them and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remove it and I wasn't going to faff around in photoshop sorting it.  So, they kinda look a little tea stained. More grungey I guess?

The dress with its button down front and sunflower print, in my opinion is really 90s. The fit and flare shape is really lovely and kinda skims my belly and hips. I'm in mixed opinion about this jacket. I kinda hate it yet quite like it at the same time. The denim has a light wash and the knitted sleeves add a kinda "grungey" look to the whole outfit. I think the boots top of the look rather well. Oh, hang on... how could I forget my sun necklace?! Isn't it just amazing? When I saw it online I knew it would be perfect and instantly took me back to my school days. I really wanted a ying-yang one to wear at the same time as this one but I couldn't find one I liked online but I've since spotted this immense one on ASOS.

Dress - ASOS Curve
Jacket - ASOS Curve
Necklace - ASOS
Boots - Office
Lipstick - 'Cyber' by MAC

Have you tapped into this trend or are you leaving 90s fashion well behind you?

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Last week we saw the launch of Cut For Evans, a fabulous collection designed by two students, Alice Farrow and Rebecca Partington who both won the Evans Design Talent Competition. This collection is the shit.

Insane colours, fantastic kaledescopic prints, great garment shapes and all at a very reasonable price point. I have found other collaborations at Evans to be rather on the expensive side but this collection is definitely a little more purse friendly.

If I had the money I would definitely buy quite a few of the pieces but sadly I am not made of money so I have had to make do with just one for the time being. That one piece is this immense neon printed dress. Made out of a thick scuba material it feels almost like a neoprene texture. This dress does cling to your lumps and bumps but because of the thickness of the fabric it kind of holds you all in and makes you feel all held together... not sure if that makes sense, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

I had to size up for this dress and got a 22 but I reckon I could actually do with a 24. The reason I say this is because the style of dress is meant to be a shift but on me it looks very bodycon-y. I've seen other girls rocking this dress with bare legs, but for me, I felt more comfortable wearing black tights as my legs are so pale they look see-through. The cut out detail at the neckline is what really makes this dress stand out for me. I love details like that that add interest to the garments.

For my makeup/accessories I wore THE brogues. Yes, I know I wear them in like every other outfit post but I seriously lack in the shoe department and I feel that they do go with a lot of the things I wear so who cares! I'm wearing 'Mystic' on my lips by Sleek Makeup which I adore and wear all the time. My earrings where from H&M last year and I love the neon ropes that match the colours in the dress.

I seriously recommend you taking a look at the collection if you haven't already, as its such a gem. Evans have really taken a step in the right direction with this and I seriously hope we see more things like this from them.

What is your favourite piece or is this collection your idea of hell?

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Pretty much the softest jumper you'll ever feel.

Hello gang!

So in amongst the craziness of moving back to London I have suddenly found the urge to do shit loads of outfit posts. I've been neglecting the blog and myself generally because I am so focused on the moving and everything associated with it but I've recently acquired lots of fab clothes and accessories so I wanted to show you all my goodies.

Today I wore the WORLDS SOFTEST JUMPER. This jumper is from Tesco and was super cheap and Mum actually picked it up for me whilst doing the weekly shop. I find Tesco clothing comes up a little small so I always size up. Mum chose a 22 for me and I think it's spot on. It's a boxy jumper and some might say it's not the most flattering but.....erm, I don't really care. It also comes in black and pink and you can see it here.

I wore this fluffy delight over my *Daisy print swing dress from Topsy Curvy. I sized up with this dress as it comes up quite small. It's definitely the sort of dress you wear over thick leggings or tights. You might show your lady bits if you bent over you see.

The necklace is a recent purchase from Topshop and it's rather sweet I think. My collection of pink things is steadily growing and this is the perfect addition. You can take a look at it here if you want to that is.

The tan high heeled brogues are from Clarks last year and I am still trying to break them in...not gunna lie, they aren't that comfy at the moment. I bought them because I am addicted to the ones from Office and when I saw these I thought they were great dupes. Hopefully the get better once they are broken in!

Finally a look at my makeup for today. I have been wearing this Chanel lippy every day. It's so soft on my lips and the colour is so vivid. It's called 'La Diva' and you can see it here.

I think I might live in this jumper. Seriously, go to Tesco and grope it.
Hope you are all having a good week and that you have a FABULOUS weekend.

*This dress was gifted to me for review

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Accessories 4 Eva

Today a company asked me for a few pictures of my favourite accessories and after an hour I was still flagging pictures in iPhoto and I found myself unable to stop! Blogging and using Instagram for the past few years has allowed me to document everything I wear, wether it's shoes, jewellery or bags.

There is no real meaning to this post but I just wanted to share a selection of my favourites and admitting you have a problem is half the battle they say. I have a problem...I am totally addicted to stuff.

If any of the items are still online, I have added links under each picture for you.

My most recent jewellery purchases from ASOS available here 
Platform sneakers and dress were both ASOS purchases
This is what I wore to an event at the new Debenhams on Oxford St. Boots - Office similar here, necklace - Galibardy available here, bangles- gifts/ebay, dress - Simplybe 
Vintage bangle from a local antique shop and a cheap as chips necklace from H&M
The most expensive item I own, a fabulous Vivienne Westwood clutch which my parents gave me, earrings - River Island, bangles - gifts  
ASOS Motherf*ckers which I LOVE
A beautiful Galibardy necklace, they are my favourite online shop for accessories!
Mini rings and peace sign thumb ring were from New Look and finger tip ring was from ASOS
My favourite shoes - they hurt SO bad though. They were from H&M's Inclusive range years ago. 
Huge square bangle was from Libertys years ago and was a gift from my Mummy, deer brooch from a local gift shop and the bow ring was from New Look
My FAVOURITE necklace - I wear it every week. It was from Galibardy, ring - Topshop 
Bangles - gifts and from ebay, earrings and ring - Topshop
1950s vintage bag, ring - ASOS
Necklace was gifted to me from You Earth Ash, bag - Topshop, ring - Accessorize, bangle - Libertys
Everything you see in this pic was from River Island. Love these prints!
My signature gold earrings - £1a pair from Dalston Market
Bag was from Topshop and the cut out boots were from Office available here ( my fave shoe shop) 
Primark spangly ring and dress
A snap I took ages ago of some of my statement necklaces. I have approx 14,000 more now though ....eeek!
So there you go guys, a little look at my jewellery collection.

Let me know what you think of these sorts of posts which show you more of the sorts of things I have at home/ like to collect. I hope it was a nice little insight.

Hope you are having a good week!!!

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