January Wish List

So, I know we have just had Christmas but being a blogger, means that you are online quite a bit and this means you are subjected to seeing lots of nice things on a regular basis.

I've put together some of the things that have caught my eye this month and if I had more than a pound to my name, i'd definitely buy.

1 - New Look Inspire £14.00
2 - ASOS Curve £20.00
3 - Monki - £20.00
4 - ASOS Curve £45.00
5 - George at Asda - £8.00
6 - Monki - £20.00
7 - Zara - £59.99
8 - G21 at Asda - £10.00
9 - G21 at Asda - £12.00
10 - New Look Inspire - £24.99
11 - G21 at Asda - £14.00 

What do you think to this lot then? Anything you fancy or have you got other items piled up in your online shopping baskets?
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Marble Mohair

Look at this furry delight! This vintage mohair jacket was another eBay purchase and I'm bloody happy with it! Theres always that worry when you buy off eBay that when the item arrives, you'll hate it and be lumped with it because the seller doesn't offer the chance to return. It's always so exciting though, you never know what you're really going to get even if they have taken a zillion photos of it.

It was pure joy when I saw this cardie though. It's huge and fluffy and pink and the appliqu├ęs are hilarious! Who doesn't love a silky flower with a wooden, beaded centre on their cardigan? I stupidly didn't take a picture of the back, but there is a huge one on the back. Now, sometimes I find mohair can be a bit itchy, but this handmade gem has a lining in it which stops that from being an issue. It's so warm and snuggly...I can tell I am going to live in this this spring, it'll be a great coat substitute and as I plan on living in pastels this season, I'm sure the cardie will go with lots of my outfits.

The dress is from ASOS and their Smock Dresses have been very popular with us fatties as their sizes are very generous. This is from their main range and is a UK18. I could easily wear a UK16 though. Sadly the 18 has sold out online but you can take a look at the dress here and see if you think you can get away with a 16 or below. They have heaps of swing dresses and smock dresses available in their main range that are available in an 18 or you can take a look at their Curve section which offer sizes 18+

I accessorised this outfit with my trusty rose gold brogues from New Look that are sadly unavailable now. The ring and jewel pendant are both from Accessorize and I've worn my Diego Dalla Palma lipstick in 'Rossetto - Sorbet Lipstick' from M&S. They don't seem to have that colour anymore when I look on their site, which makes me think it was a limited edition but Sleek do a dupe called 'Peaches and Cream' available here.

Are you guys frequent eBay users or do you never think to use the site? I'd recommend having a browse as they have EVERYTHING and I buy a lot of my statement necklaces and plus size dresses from there. They always have heaps of ASOS Curve garments on there.

Hope you are having a fab weekend, Lots of love.

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Faux Chanel

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel 

eBay is fantastic isn't?! I mean just look at my jumper. It's totally ridiculous and I love it. Nothing like a bit of faux Chanel to keep me looking fabulous. I bought this beauty a while back and I had planned on wearing it to Plus London, but then I got sick so it stayed in the suitcase. 

I've been trying to find the link for the jumper but I can't find it on eBay anywhere! I will keep hunting and update this post if I'm successful.

I love the boxy shape and then the tight sleeves. Excuse the odd poses today, I was trying to show the shape of it. 

For the rest of the outfit you'll notice I went with my trademark black, gold and red lippy. I love these jersey tube skirts. I always wear them, I know it's lazy and a bit like wearing those cut off denim skirts from back in the day, but I love them. You can wear them with so many different tops/jumpers. I don't wear jeans and I don't have a favourite pair that I live in; so I guess my tube skirt is the equivalent. I bought it ages ago from H&M but you can buy them from most shops now. 

The cut out boots have been very popular on the blogging scene and I can tell why. They are super comfy and look just as good as the originals made by Jeffrey Campbell You can buy them from River Island and I got them for £35! Bargain boots. 

I'm wearing my standard gold earrings from Dalston shopping centre, the bangles are gifts and eBay purchases and my lippy is my signature Clarins Red by Clarins. It's such a good red and I wear it all the time, it doesn't bleed and the colour stays put for ages. It's slightly glossy but it doesn't slide of your face!

Just to finish off this post....look who came and photo bombed my little photoshoot! He was so cute. He kept on wanting to play fetch so I'd chuck the the stick and mum would take a picture and then he'd come back and I'd chuck it again and this carried on for the entire time I was out there! 

What do you think of the garish jumper? Yay or nay? I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I hope 2014 is going well for you. I have high hopes for this year.

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A quick post to show you how I decided to do my nails for NYE.

Black and gold is my faveeee colour combo and I wanted to combine a classic black mani with a bit of a nailjazzle. That's possibly a made up word but lets go with it, its like vajazzle but for your nails.

I love a bit of nail art, I can't do all that amazing stuff but this is my attempt at a fancy set of digits.

I used false nails for both the black and gold looks. Firstly I used Elegant Touch Totally Bare Square Nails, picked out the correct sizes, glued them on using Nailene Ultra Precise Nail Glue and then filed them down to my preferred shape. The little files that come with the false nails are great and I always save them to use again. The set of nails does include a mini bottle of glue but I really like the Nailene one.

After the nails had dried, I painted them myself using Barry Ms 'Black' polish. I LOVE the consistency of Barry M varnishes and use them time and time again. For £2.99 you can't go wrong really. The black polish is reasonably shiny but I decided to add a top coat to keep the varnish in place and to make them super shiny. I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Base Coat which doubles up as a base and top coat and I find it's good to use it when you are giving your nails a rest from nail polish.

For the accent nail, I used Elegant Touch Glitter nails and these come with adhesive tabs that are in my opinion super shite so I used my nail glue again. I stuck them down and filed them into the shape I like.

And voila ... my nails are done!

Hope this has inspired you to try false nails. With the nail glue I use, they last me over a week. If they do ping off, just use one of the spare nails from the set and glue it back in place.

Have you used false nails before or is it not something you'd bother with? Maybe you are a gel/shelac/acrylic girl for life?

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Lovedrobe Instagram Competition

As a little thank you to my followers over on Instagram I have teamed up with Lovedrobe and we are offering you ladies a fantastic prize!!

Simply follow the rules shown and a new dress, of your choice could be yours!!!

Lovedrobe offer dresses in UK sizes 16-32 and once the competition has closed Lovedrobe will pick the winner and contact them.

** Please note this is just an Instagram giveaway. Please find me on IG by searching 'Daniellevanier' **

Good luck to those of you who take part!

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NYE Party Time.

Oh I had suchhhhhh a good New Years Eve celebration!! I was up in London and I well and truly whored myself out to my different groups of friends.

Here's a fun fact for you: After a rather full on night of celebrating I slept walked into my friends lounge, fully naked and my group of mates, plus a few strangers saw EVERYTHING. I then slept walked back to bed, but not my bed where I was meant to be sleeping but my mates bed. Woop Woop! Well done, Danie!

Anyway, heres a few pics of my outfit and the fabulous people I spent NYE with.

Ready to leave for the night, standard bathroom selfie.
Dress - Gold by Giles for New Look (it's way old)
Shoes - ASOS
Tights - M&S
Necklace - Galibardy
Lipstick - 'Clarins Red' by Clarins
Bangles - gifts
So, I think you'll agree with me when I say this dress is fan-fucking-tastic! It's an old gem from the Gold by Giles for New Look Collection. I've had it for years and have only worn it twice so when I was hunting for an outfit and spotted this in the party section of my wardrobe I thought I'd give it a whirl! I love the way it skims over my body and although its predominantly white, it doesn't show up every lump and bump. The only problem with the dress is the fact it falls down at the front and I spent the entire night flashing my tits/bra but oh well, I don't think anyone minded!

I spent the first half of the night with one group of friends in a pub in Walthamstow and I loved seeing my girls and guzzling Prosecco with them!

After I left my North London lot, I went off to Dalston and joined my best mate and a load of our friends. We started off in a pub and there was so many of us, we basically took over the whole pub. We then went back to my mates flat and carried on partying there and then we went to a few of the neighbours parties! Yep, I was a bit of a mess on January 1st.

My number one man, my best friend Bobbi

I had such a good night and will remember it for years to come! What did you guys get up to at NYE?

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Happy New Year....better late than never!

It's been a bit quiet here on the blog, sorry about that! I've been away for a week now, up in London and I was far too busy consuming prosecco and spending time with my mates and then nursing hangovers. I'm back now though.

I've been reading heaps of new years blog posts, super long posts about resolutions & posts that summarise 2013 and although I really enjoy them and like reading them I have chosen to keep mine short and sweet.

2013 was not a fantastic year for me. It wasn't awful but it wasn't incredible. I spent the year living at home with my parents for the first time since I was 13 and boy has it been difficult. My health got so bad in 2012 that I quit my job and moved home. I've been freelancing as a Textile Designer and Stylist ever since and now that I am ready to move back to London, I am ready to take on work again. It'll be part time and that'll leave me time to focus on my blogging, styling etc.

I feel SO excited to be moving back to London. My life is in that city. I've lived there since I was 19 and a year away from it has been really difficult.

I spent the day packing up some of my things, lovingly wrapping them all in newspaper and boxing them up. I can't wait to fill my new house with all my shit!

A very Happy New Year to you all, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I am excited to share this following year with you all; I hope you enjoy the ride!

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