Smoked Chrome

Just a wee post showing the latest nail varnish to join my crew.
I have a few Estée Lauder varnishes and they are really very nice.

This particular one called 'Smoked Chrome' is so so lovely. The colour is really rich, there is a slight shimmer to it and I only needed one coat. When you apply it the varnish doesn't dry straight away giving you time to smooth over any ridges and create a nice flat finish.

Now I know that these varnishes apply so well I will definitely be buying some more shades in the future. I highly recommend these ladies! Take a look at the other colours they have here.

Not the neatest of paint jobs but it'll do! 

What do you think of this colour ladies?
I loveeee nail varnishes, you can never have enough! What are your fave brands?

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Pink Clove Knitty Ballerina Wrap Dress Review

Some days I like to just wear one dress and not faff around with too many layers or separate items. I'm always on the look out for comfortable dresses that I can throw on and sprawl around the house in or dress up with a jacket and wear when I go out and about.

I spotted the Knitty Ballerina Wrap Dress on the Pink Clove site and decided to give it a go after I had seen Kim K in a gorgeous grey frock. It cost £30 which I feel is slightly on the pricier side of things for a basic but the quality of fabric is there and it is a very pretty basic.

I'm going to be totally honest and say that although it is a lovely dress, I'm not a fan of it on me. I've seen it on other girls, such as Gemma and think it looks lovely but I dunno... I just feel a little too mumsy in it. I do love the colour and the fact it has long arms but I'm not a fan of the fact you can see the seam running across my boob. Maybe a bigger size would get rid of that as I am indeed aware of how tight it all looks in the bazooka area.

I styled it with an old cream belt and earrings and my favourite brogues, nude lips, grey eyeshadow and big messy topknot.

Dress - Pink Clove
Brogues - old New Look
Bangle - gift
Earrings - old H&M
Lipstick - Apocalips in 'Shooting Star'
Nails - 'Smoked Chrome' by Estee Lauder

What do you reckon guys?  Do you like it or....?

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What a year!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. I am unbelievably proud of this little blog. The opportunities that have come my way this last year have been phenomenal. I can only hope that it continues to bring me the same joy it does today - I'm sure it will. I've met amazing friends, connected with women across the world, learnt things about myself, my body, other women and fatshion.

I feel unbelievably cheery today so I thought I'd wear an outfit that projects that! I am moving back to London in the new year and I am super excited.

This tartan body con* from Topsy Curvy is bang on trend and right up my street. Bright red, very festive and I like that the sleeves, although short, are a good length. I'm not wearing any shape wear underneath and although the material isn't that thick, the fabric skims over my belly bulge which I like.

Check out my heinously tacky leopard faux fur coat. I spotted it a few months a go in New Look and I'm so glad I bought it ... I knew I'd be thankful of it come winter, its soooo bloody cold down here in Devon.

To finish the outfit off I've given these AMAZING earrings their first outing, I've got my super comfy, cut out boots on my feet and a nude colour on my lips.

Dress - C/o Topsy Curvy
Jacket - old New Look (main range)
Boots - Office
Earrings - River Island
Lipstick - Apocalips in 'Shooting Star' 

Thank you for following my blog guys, I really am very appreciative of that. Here's to another year of madness.

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Party picks - Fabric mix.

If you hadn't already noticed, party season is upon us and the shops are beginning to fill with party frocks, spangley trousers, sequinned cover ups and beautifully tailored blazers.

Super feminine party frocks, covered in sequins aren't for everyone so I have done a collection of my favourite party pieces which incorporate different textures, materials and fits. Hopefully there is something for everyone here. Sequins are of course involved, standard.

1 - These black and gold Jacquard trousers would look suitably wonderful with a tux jacket and pointy stilettos.

2 - If you have a higher budget, why not treat yourself to this draped sequin number?

3 - I've had my eye on this skater dress for a while, the mesh sleeves and leather panel at the front will make this skater dress stand out from all the others.

4 - A proper party frock right here, this pink lace prom dress is so cute!

5 - My FAVOURITE party frock. Sequins galore and tight as fuck.

6 - These velvet shorts could give you such a cool party look if dresses aren't your cup of tea.

7 - I've seen this mesh stripe organza dress on quite a few people and think it looks lovely.

8 - This sequin dress has a slightly more sportier look than other ones.

9 - This floral/lace playsuit is perfect for girls who always play it safe in dresses or trousers.

10 - The perfect way to cover up that party outfit. I think this coloured faux fur jacket is really nice.

11- These silver lurex leggings would look lovely with a sheer floaty top and jacket.

12 - This devore maxi dress could be either glammed up with a clutch and statement earrings or you could dress it down as well.

13 - This cute gold velvet peplum top would look lovely over a leather look pencil skirt or tuxedo pants.

So there are my party picks this month, I think I will do another one in December when even more things have been released.

Fancy trying something different for your Christmas do or do you think you'll stick to your usual style?

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Simply Be SS14 Press Day

An invite to the SimplyBe SS14 Press Day landed in my inbox and I instantly knew I had to get up to London and check out what it is they have in store for us all. 

I have A LOT of time for SimplyBe. Until this year I hadn't shopped with them at all but the more blogs I read and the more bloggers I interacted with; the more SimplyBe garments I saw and loved. I was very late to the party but I haven't looked back since. They offer SO many cool plus size items. There is something for everyone and currently I have about 15,000 things on my wish list!

The press day didn't disappoint. I met my girl Hanna at The Gallery at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden and we went inside. Cue outfit shots in front of the entrance!

Dress - SimplyBe
Coat - old River Island
Boots - old Topshop
Bag - old Topshop
Earrings - Dalston Market
Ring - old Topshop
The show room was lovely and bright and decorated in a lovely way. Fresh flowers and Yankee Candles were the perfect addition to the room.
Pastries, Prosecco and other nibbles were on offer. YUM.
Hanna and I. My Finnish Bitch.

A crisp, clean, white selection of garments looked really nice and sophisticated. My fave piece was this oversized jumper above. 
Check those beauties out. I LOVE the pink! 
This selection of chambray and denim was amazing. Some really different garments and I especially love the hooded denim jacket with a draw string belt.
Aztec prints are not normally my thing BUT I'm in love with this top.
A darling tea dress covered in daisies.
Of course I gravitated to the animal print area. WANT.
Obsessed with these shoes. I need to buy them and love and and wear them heaps.
Don't get me started on this coat (£50) ... It is totally perfect and I can't wait to get my hands on one.
PERFECT striped waffle jersey top for £35 and skirt for £30
A super cool biker style dress for £65. Love it.

Perfect springtime undies.
This jungle section was so good. Heaps of amazing prints.
A fabbbbulous pair of printed trousers for £28. OH MY. I hope they do a matching jacket!!
Beachwear prints on point.

I thought this kaftan was really nice. Perfect for summer holidays. I miss summer!
I finished off the day by getting my nails done whilst Hanna got eyelashes done.
I am looking forward to 2014 even more now after attending this press day and I may end up being very, very poor but after buying all this... at least I'll look fabulous.

What has caught your eye?

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Finding your perfect red.

I'm forever on the hunt for that perfect red lippy. It's got to be that pillar box red, not too pinky, not too much blue in it, stays on your lips for a good amount of time and doesn't transfer onto the rest of your face/teeth/outfit.


I sadly can't wear MAC lippies any more as they make my lips sore so I am having to branch out from my usual Lady Danger/Diva/Ruby Woo faves and find new favourites. I'm obsessed with my new Clarins one. It's called Clarins Red and it's beautiful. Really pigmented, stays put and is shiney but not too shiney it slides off your face!!

Here's a pic of me wearing it and a swatch of it so you can see how it looks. Love, love, love it.

I have a tonne of lipsticks, like hundreds and I probably have about 30 different reds but what is your favourite red lipstick... I'm always open to new suggestions. I think I want an Illamasqua one next and a Nas one.
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A feminine touch.

I like mixing it up and today I fancied dressing like a ladyyyy. Well I sort of managed it…I ended up adding a pair of brogues to the outfit, but they’re rose gold and shiney so its ok.
The main reason I put todays outfit together was so I could wear the necklace shown below. I’ve wanted to wear it ever since I was sent it by the lovely ladies at You Earth Ash. I was given the opportunity to pick a piece from their collection and after having a peek at them online I was instantly drawn to the Agate Druzy range. 

What I like about this wee company is that it has only been up and running since the start of 2013 and that it was established by two University graduates. I like to see young people follow their dreams and turn their ideas into reality. The company is based in Sheffield and they create beautiful, intricate pieces using ethically sourced semi-precious stones from Brazil. 
You all know I LOVE gold jewellery so I opted for the *agate druzy necklace which is gold plated and on a 30 inch length chain. I love long pendants but I reckon in the future I might get a few of the Electro Quartz and Quartz Point necklaces on the shorter 18inch chains and wear them together. Oh, the rings….look at the rings!
Although I can honestly say I’ve never been interested in the healing properties of stones; I enjoyed finding out that Agates main healing properties are stabilising emotions, promoting courage and encouraging love. Firstly, I’m seriously up and down with my emotions at the moment so lets see if it helps me. Secondly, I do need courage. I’m in the midst of changing careers and coping with health issues. Thirdly….I’m single and I’m ok with that but I always welcome love. I can be a bit of a bitch sometimes as well so it might encourage me to be a bit more loving haha.
I highly recommend checking them out guys. They ship worldwide, their prices are veryyyy reasonable and each piece is unique to you. They can be found on InstagramTwitterFacebook and their website is easy to navigate and very tempting. *Slopes off to fill shopping cart with more goodies*

Tshirt - old New Look
Skirt - old Asos Curve
Brogues - old Newlook
Bag - old Topshop
Jacket - old River Island 

Let me know if you end up buying something from these guys..such a lovely little brand.

*this post has been transferred from my old blog http://daniellevanier.tumblr.com
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Get ya knits out.

It's that time of year, folk were you can throw on a knitted jumper or cardy, pair it with your fave pair of jeans or skirt and head out looking all warm and snuggly.

Now I'm no wall flower as you may have realised and I love an in your face, quirky knit. Here's a selection of my favourites right now. I think they are all fab and super fun!


Sarah Lund would be proud...

Let me know what you think of my collections that I have been compiling recently. Do you enjoy looking over them or do you find them too boring?

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