Loving my Lovedrobe dress.

Good evening! So, this is my second post here on my shiney new blog and it's just a little outfit post to show you what I wore on Friday.

My friend came to stay for the weekend and I wore my Lovedrobe houndstooth dress because it's a nice easy piece to wear and it was perfect to wear during the day and then I tarted it up a bit when we went out for dinner in the evening.

I always smile fondly when I see this dress hanging in my wardrobe. The dress was gifted to me whilst I was at a Lovedrobe blogger event and it reminds me of the fab day I had with Becky, Toni and Rosie who are three bloggers I have had the pleasure of getting to know since starting this blogging journey of mine. Urgh, blogging journey....gross. You know what I mean though.

Simple styling today with my chavey hoops and side plait. Peach frilly socks add a mature edge to the outfit I feel.

Dress c/o Lovedrobe/Socks - Topshop similar here/Hoops - Topshop

I hope you have a good week everyone. Lots going on for me this week! Blogger event on Wednesday hosted by Gok Wan, a meeting with Evans on Thursday followed by drinks with my girlfriends and then it's Plus London on the weekend.

Which of your lovely faces will I have the pleasure of seeing at Plus London?

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Nice to meet you.

Well hello there!

Welcome to my new blog. It all feels a little daunting at the moment. I was used to my little old tumblr but I had to make the move and I finally pulled my finger out and BAMN here I am!

So for those who don't know me, I am Danielle and I have been blogging for just under a year now over on my old blog http://daniellevanier.tumblr.com.

Hand on heart, me starting this whole blogging malarkey has been the best decision I have ever made! I shall keep it brief but the confidence it has given me is phenomenal, the friends I have made are exceptional and the pride I feel when someone tells me I have inspired them or made them feel great about their body is absolutely incredible.

I am currently the largest I have ever been. I am proud of my flab and I love dressing my curves and adorning myself with accessories. I have an unhealthy obsession with hideously tacky jewellery and I love hunting online, on the high street and in charity shops for that one item that will make me stand out. I love experimenting with fashion and showing women that it's your body and you can wear what ever you like!

I think if I were to describe myself I'd say that I have a rather loud personality, a loud gob and I pride myself on my (excuse my language) "give a fuck" attitude. I tend to say it how it is but I have tact and I'm never out to hurt anyones feelings. I just feel like there's no point beating round the bush with some things.

I hope that you will enjoy following me here on my blog. I will be posting outfit posts, posting about plus size fashion, fashion in general, beauty, blogger events, styling, being fat and god knows what else.

I shall leave you now but come and say hi and if you have a blog please do leave me your link.

P.s I'm sorry in advance for two things:

1) My grammar, punctuation and spelling is horrific, so I'm sorry about that

2) I'm obsessed with taking selfies.

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